Fruits in Your Diet that Tell About Your Personality

You are what you eat !

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When you wake up in the morning and notice a tiny zit on your cheek, what do you do?? Rush to a doctor or simply pop it? We all know the answer. It’s tempting to pop the pimple but is not the solution to your problem. And definitely you always run short of time to apply “daadi maa ke nuske” to get rid of the zit on your face.

Just five words from my side: You are what you eat !

Many youngsters have the myth that a good diet will only help you get a beautiful figure. My answer to this is a strict NO!!!  The secret to a beautiful skin lies in FRUITS. Fruits keep your skin blemish free and away from wrinkles as they are rich in vitamins and minerals.

Have a look at the list of fruits mentioned below. Pick your favorite fruit and know about your personality trait.



  • Tightens and tones the skin as it contains tannin and pectin
  • Rich in Vitamins and Minerals
  • Good for people with sensitive skin
  • Relieves in constipation
  • Removes toxins


You are honest and outspoken with but have a little temper.  A good team leader but may not be a good organizer. You are mostly quick in taking actions and enjoy travelling the most. Fun loving, when with your partner you are full of charm. You show high enthusiasm in life which is unmatched.


  • Rich in Vitamin C
  • Antioxidant
  • High in fiber
  • Natural cleansers
  • Helps in constipation


You tend to be shy but a trustworthy friend. You encompass a lot of patience. You avoid conflicts generally. You love a person with all your heart and avoid unnecessary flings. You believe in hard work and have an artistic bend of mind.


  • Rich in Potassium
  • High in Carbohydrates
  • High Fiber
  • Rich in Vitamins


Warm, gentle and loving. Timid by nature and often lacks self confidence. People generally take advantage of you of your sweetness. You admire a person by her physical and mental beauty both. You usually have a harmonious love life usually.


  • High in Vitamin c
  • Antioxidant
  • Protection against colon cancer
  • Rich in Vitamin C
  • Contains Vitamins, Potassium and Magnesium


You have a good sense of humor which attracts the opposite sex. Generous, cultured with refined taste. Fearless with no worries. You enjoy interacting with new people and love to travel to new places.


  • Excellent source of vitamin A
  • Rich in fiber.
  • Rich in potassium.
  • Contains Vitamin C, E and B6 (pyridoxine).
  • An antioxidant


You are a person with a rigid mind. Nobody can influence you easily. You have very strong likes and dislikes when it comes to relationship. You enjoy taking up challenges in life. You love to smell good so you spend a lot on perfumes.

Next time you walk in to a grocery shop don’t forget to pick your favorite fruit which match up with your personality.