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A glamorous party invitation card is lying in front and you’re staring at it with blur eyesight.  Your favourite actor, for whom you are crazy, is coming as a guest of honour… O my gosh…but why are you not excited ?

Dammmm….Are you serious ?  Because of your weight ? No ways… is it?

We always tell people to think positive and everything will be alright. We can achieve anything we want by our determination; then why not our high flashed bump?

I will tell you, one simple exercise before I’ll open my magic stick. So all you pretty ladies who think they have unwanted flash on their bodies, gear up and stand in front of the mirror, close your eyes and imagine yourself in the beautiful attire you’d always imagine with the perfect shape. Feeling good, right? Start doing this exercise often to boost yourself.  Self visualization is an important tool in losing weight program. Remember your goal and be focus to achieve it… girls!

First step: always weigh yourself before and after eating.

Diet Essentials

Well, ladies keep a check on your kitchen shelf. The essential items are there or not.

Veg Non-Veg
Lauki(bottle gourd) Egg whites
Ridge gourd White Chicken (Chicken Breast)
Pumpkin Lean Fish
Tomato Tuna Fish
Lettuce Shrimp
Lady finger
Green leafy vegetables


Miscellaneous Fruits
Curd/milk Pineapple
Skimmed milk Papaya
Marie biscuits Peach
Whole grain cereals Pear
Olive oil Orange
Saffola oil Pomegranates
Rice bran oil Mosumbi(Sweet lime)
Digestive Biscuits Apple
Yellow/green mong Daal Melon
Bajre ka atta Water Melon
Johar ka atta Strawberry
Multigrain Bread
Wheat Bread
Oatmeal (Rolled oats)
Whole wheat crakers
Sooji (wheat semolina)
Green tea/herbal tea


Food Unlimited
Lime Juice
Chaat massala
Green coriander
Green Chillies
Mint Leaves
Curry leaves
Coriander powder
Jeera powder
Sambhar masala
Bay leaf
Garam massala
Kasuri methi
Green chutney

Girls don’t forget to exercise daily. Walk at least for 40 mints to 1 hour every morning or evening.

We also providing you the list of items contain high calories. If you want the result Fatafat then avoid these items in your daily dietgirls.

Veg Non-Veg
Peas Egg Yolk
Corn Red Meat
Sweet Potato
Sweet Corn


Fruits Miscellaneous
Tinned/canned fruits Masoor/Channa Daal
Dry Fruits Maida(refined flour)
Chikoos Tinned food
Banana Canned food
Mangoes Paneer/curd
Sitaphal Coconut
Lichies Ketchup
Fruit Juices Fried nuts
Jack Fruit Potato wafers
Aerated soft drinks

Hope, you all will follow the chart and get in shape of your desire soon with less hard work and more self control.

Ladies, eating food is not making you fat. So never think of skipping any meal because if you will skip any meal of your day, you will feel inactive and it will also affect your body metabolic rate. Breakfast is one essential meal of the day it will energies your body and fill up the nutrients requirement.

Stir yourself up; don’t sleep just after you had your meal or snack….. Girls, you should at least give 2-3 hours gap between your meal and going off to bed for good digestion. Also, drink lots of water every day it will not only help in getting glowing skin but also help in losing weight. Consume 10-12 glasses of water.

All the ladies jus remember all the Do’s and Don’ts and see you will do wonders with your body… Rock it and shake it baby with your new shape and feel free to flaunt your new size. 🙂