Freshen Up Leftover Chapattis

Chapattis- are one of the most commonly eaten staple in our Indian households. Now, you don’t have to toss old chapattis. Here, I share a simple tip to make them taste fresh and good like freshly cooked chapattis.

  • One Day Old Chapatti: Heat a pan or flat griddle on a medium heat. Flip the chapatti frequently in order to prevent the chapatti from scorching. If you happen to be lucky, you roti (chapatti) will puff again.
  • More Than a Day Old Chapatti: Sprinkle little water over chapatti and wrap it in a damp, wet cloth. Then, microwave it on HIGH for about a minute. Take the wrapped chapatti out of the microwave and unpack it. Next, roast the chapatti on a hot pan or griddle, flipping it occasionally.

You can also make a dish of left over chapatis. There is a popular marathi breakfast recipe, made out of left over chapatis, called “Phodanichi Poli”.

Leftover Chapattis are no longer a waste.