French Couple’s Much Loved Gorilla Daughter!

We all have heard of people adopting kids, but ever thought of adopting a gorilla? The French couple Pierre and Elianne Thivilion adopted ‘Digit’, a 265 pound gorilla 13 years ago, when her biological mother was not ready to breastfeed the poor baby gorilla. The couple has happily given up on their social life, movies, night outs for raising ‘Digit’. ‘Digit’ spends her day at the Saint Martin la Plaine Zoo in France, and comes back home to her parents at night where she sleeps with them in the bed.

The couple confesses that it was not an easy task and there were times when ‘Digit’ got aggressive, but as for now they have a 13 year long strong bond with her and she often hugs Pierre and plants a kiss on Elianne.