For the Comfort of It

You brag about being mighty comfortable in an 8 inch heel. But there’s a little part of you that craves for those worn out sneakers hiding behind your closet and those all time favourite ballerinas. Let’s help you know the grand variety you can pick from. So ladies, brace yourself, we are about to get started with a thrilling piece of information about your best friends.

1. Ballet flats

These are an absolute delight not just to look at but also to wear. The ballet flats or ballerinas, as they are generally called, have become a rage and can be spotted everywhere. There are the classic ballerinas, the embellished ones, the chunky variety in gold and silver and the patterned ballet type. They look perfect with skinny jeans and jeggings or even with your lil floral dress. A personal favourite, we advice you, order you, beg you to bring home these fascinating bellies.

2. Flip flops

Comfortable and cute, the flip flops come with a Y shaped division (strap) between your first toe and the rest of them. Found in a variety of patterns, right from the dressy to the plain easygoing ones, flip flops have suddenly become a national favourite.


3. Loafers/Moccasins

Hot and chic, the loafers blend in well with fitted jeans and pants . Trendy, eye catching colours, animal prints, bows and stripes, all have been worked upon to further beautify this classy shoe. The primary difference between a moccasin and a loafer is that moccasins lack heels while loafers incorporate a heel at the base. Also, there’s the tuxedo flat, which belongs to this good looking shoe family.

4. Sneakers

These are unisex. And this adds to their appeal. Extremely comfortable and easy to wear, the sneakers, which were earlier considered to be athletic shoes, have now moved into the casual shoe segment. Lots of colours and designs are out there, waiting to be worn and eager to provide you 24/7 relief.


5. Espadrilles

Made of cotton or canvas, espadrilles is usually worn as bedroom slippers, except for a few nations, where it is made use as sneakers. They too, are unisex.




6. Sandals

You’ve seen your mom wearing sandals, and you’ve seen your grand mom flaunting them too. The sandals, are good to look at, and are created in ample variety and designs, each matching your every outfit and leaving enough room for experimentation too. Gladiator sandals also, were a hot accessory once.


7. Oxfords

Very graceful and stylish, oxfords have laces to be tied and may flaunt a very low or absolutely no heel at all. Get these ones ASAP and be the trendsetter that you are.




8. Mary Janes

If you’re out of school let your association with Mary Janes rest in peace. Yes, you got it right; these are the much dreaded black, plain shoes that you had to wear to school every day. Not like we want you to buy these, just thought of enlightening you as to what your friends for 14 years were actually called. (You remember them very well, why scare you further with a picture!)

Now that you’re a pro when it comes to your beloved shoes, it’s time to get rolling and kick it off in style (literally)!