Food for Your Mood


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Do you undergo a short fuse when it comes to deal with every day stress like your kids, spouse or your boss? What do you do for a better mood? Do you reach out for coffee or an ice-cream? Surprisingly, chocolate bars and strawberry ice-creams are not enough to bring a smile to your face.  If you crave for haapy mood, dig into these “feel good” food.



Many of us go through certain phobias like acrophobia (fear of height) hydrophobia (fear of water). However, it’s not your fault; blame it on your diet. So, try to include Folate and Omega 3 in your diet by consuming avocado.



So, got a big romantic date on your way and wanna get in a perfect mood? Try out food which boost your libido level and grow your desires. Go for pumpkin seeds, shellfish and pine nuts.



Well, many of us crave for chocolate while we go through break up blues. Eating a bar of your favourite chocolate may not be a bad idea at all and if you are health conscious opt for dark chocolates as they will not overweigh you.



If you feel tired and slimy this winter, go for beetroot juice as they contain high dose of Vitamin C. Beet root juice encompasses high magnesium and energy nutrients to boost your stamina.



Do you crib about all the small things in life? Are you angry most of the time? Try out Omega 3 fatty acids rich food like flaxseeds and walnuts to keep a check on your anger.



Are you an introvert? Do want some confidence to boost your image? Luckily, food rich in amono acid make you more confident in no time. Chicken, tuna, salmon and legumes boost your confidence level.



Are you finding it difficult to cope up with your daily problems? Are your days stressful? Try snacking fruits which are packed with goodness of vitamin C like oranges or blueberries. Also, these fruits are packed with antioxidants to keep you young forever.

So, what’s your mood for the day? Do tell!!