Flower Braid Tutorial

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This hairstyle is a grand combination of prettiness and romance that you can carry for an evening party or friend’s day out! The hairstyle is great for long and mid-length hair. Trust me! You will never go wrong with the Flower Braid Ladies!

Here, we begin with the tutorial…

  1. To get the perfect look, begin with making curls.
  2. Use a curling machine to create curls.
  3. Give curls to half of the section of your hair.
  4. Once you are done with the lower section of hair, curl the upper of section of hair.
  5. flower-braid-tutorial-1

  6. After you finish with the curls, spray a hairspray so that your curls stay long.
  7. Gently set your curls apart with the help of your fingers.
  8. If you prefer more volume, tease your hair at the crown area.
  9. Take a section of your hair, just from the back of your ears.
  10. flower-braid-tutorial-B

  11. Take a long portion of your hair so that you can braid your hair well.
  12. Take hair just a little more than your regular fringe.
  13. Make a three layer braid, and tie it with elastic.
  14. Pull the braid a bit for more volume. Repeat the same for the other side.
  15. flower-braid-tutorial-C

  16. Tie the braids with elastic at the end.
  17. Now make a new braid with the help of an elastic band.
  18. Gently twist your hair near the base of the braided flower, on the outer side.
  19. With a help of a pin, secure the braid from up to the back.
  20. flower-braid-tutorial-D

  21. To be on the safer side, pin another bobby pin and stick it over the first pin.
  22. Your flower braid is ready.
  23. flower-braid-tutorial-E

Happy Styling!