Flaw less Skin in winters

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Ladies, winter is approaching and it’s time for extra care and especially for the people who have dry skin like me. 🙁

We need to be extra cautious but no worries… girls….. I am here to provide all the essential information to make your skin glowing in this itchy season and make yourself like a shiny star. 🙂

Dry, flaky, itchy skin can be very obnoxious this season. Therefore extra step is required to pamper ourselves with emollients and moisturisers. By the way girls, if you go with sequence of cleansing, exfoliating, steaming, moisturizing and sun-screening, it will really help you getting flawless skin to flaunt your way.


Yeah..Yeah, I know we wash our face twice a day, don’t we? But the question here is do we use the correct product according to our skin type? Well, if not then please start using it to achieve the “Ooh so perfect and glowing” skin.

I know… babes… face wash is must but don’t forget cleaning your skin before going into your dreamy world. I know being a girl it’s too painful to put off the make-up but you need to clean it and after cleaning your face, wash it with Luke warm water and then you can carry on with  prince of your dreams.


Here comes my favourite part, scrubbing, trust me girls it do wonders to your skin. It removes all the dirt, dead skin and gives you instant glow on my face. But remember beauties to take care of the delicate areas, like…. under eye while scrubbing … wait don’t run and start scrubbing; you should scrub at the interval of 6-7 days.


Girls, it’s not only moisturizing your skin in morning or night, whenever your skin feels stretching or tight one must moisturize. When we talk about winters, we should not forget to keep a small tiny moisturizing cream in our purse.

As, I told you to clean your face before going in bed also not to forget applying glycerine, body oil or any night cream to keep your face hydrated all over night.


Steaming is one thing which many of us avoid or not able to do because of our hectic life schedule. But girls we should think about our glow less skin and to keep it glowing we need to start steaming as it open the deep pours which also help us to get rid of the dirty pimples, whiteheads and blackheads.

While steaming, you can also mix essential oils like rosemary or lavender.

Sun Screening

It’s not only in winters, sunscreen is must for every girl in every season. Girls, let me clear you…. it not only helping your skin to get tan but also helping you in delaying wrinkles and ageing effects from your clear and beautiful face.

Now winter is no where a problem anymore… Go out have fun flaunt your flaw less, stunning skin and shine bright. 🙂