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GIRLS!… now before you are all set to slip in your sexy shorts and gorgeous minis… make sure your legs are ready to flaunt when you step out for your vacation.

Travel time… a trip to Goa… and I am sure that by now you must be pretty excited to pack your bags and show off your sexy outfits. Dressing up in shorts is always a pleasure on beaches, especially when you are on a trip with your friends. When out on a trip, your baggage should also comprise of attires that can flaunt your beautiful legs the most, but not necessarily every gal is born with those beautiful legs to show off.

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If the idea of getting in minis or shorts make you pull your socks… take it as a red alert and prepare to ‘to do’ list to do your legs. No scaring intended! But why not to groom up your lovely legs for all the great admirations.

Keep your legs clean

Hair affair on a girls’ leg is a big turn off, you should never ignore hair on your legs… they look awful!  Have you seen any model flaunting a sexy mini with bushy hair? Some of you are sure blessed with fine hair which is not so clearly visible but gals who are on the bushier side, get extremely conscious of what you are wearing.

Early teenage doesn’t call for waxing but in your late teenage waxing could be a great option to acquire a clean look.

Common Myths

Some of you are hesitant to flaunt your asset as you think that showing off is all about having a perfect shape… that’s just not true at all… only a few of us are born lucky with a perfect leg shape.

All you need to do is groom them well… wear socks if you step out in sun. Team up your legs with a nice pair of sneakers… and set out to flaunt your asset.

My thin legs would look ugly… this is again a common myth… show your asset with your thin looks… choose an attire that would cover up your lean look, even thin legs can look gorgeous in shorts.

Well if you are blessed firm thighs… then you must opt for upper thigh length shorts to highlight your sexy thighs… AND, if you if you have a good calf area then flaunt your asset with capris… and tights.

Stop thinking and get it going, having sexy legs is just gonna take some juggling with accessories, let your sleeping-beautician-soul wake up and make your legs feel grateful!

Happy flaunting!