Fix the Top 5 Food Fights between You and Your Partner

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Eating together with your partner is pleasure. But, one or the other reasons become barrier to relish the heart-warming meals with him. Here, we have come up with the probable food conflicts and the ways to deal with them:

Fight #1: Both of You Are Not Hungry at the Same Time


He comes home late from his office, and you snack on cookies and chips to satisfy your hunger until meal time. This fills you temporarily, but also raises your body weight. To overcome weight gain, you postpone the meals. This becomes incredibly problematic in a relationship.


If you feel the hunger before he is at home for dinner, then eat your main meal alone. And enjoy some soup or dessert with him, when he takes his meal. Otherwise, you can split your meal. Eat the heartiest parts (the starch and protein) of meal alone, and the veggies or salads later on. Sit together peacefully, and discuss the day with each other.

Fight #2: He Damages Your Healthy Eating Habits


Your jeans are getting tighter, and it’s bothering you. To fit yourself in your jeans, you say ‘NO’ to late night snacks and high-calorie dinners. This makes your partner missing those comfortable and enjoyable dining routines, which you used to have with him earlier.


As long as the two of you spend a quality time together, different food habits can never spoil your relationship. Find other ways to socialize, which are not food related. It can revitalize your relationship.

Fight #3: You’re Adventurous and He’s a Choosy Eater


It becomes a bit knotty situation when the two of you are out for a lunch/dinner. You’re open to try anything, something exciting that’s opened up down the street, but he’s not. In order to please your culinary excitement, your picky eater and you should meet in the middle.


Skip ordering the entrees, instead be on a safer side, and order two ‘adventurous’ dishes and two healthy appetizers.  Your partner’s taste bud can try new foods without going home famished or the pressure of liking it. Similarly, you can cook the same dish at home in two different ways, matching the taste of both of you.

Fight #4: He Over-Feeds You to Show Love


He surprises you with a special ‘ice-cream’ treat, after a tough week at workplace. He uses ‘food’ as a substitute for affection. Once in a week it’s acceptable, but when it becomes a routine to buy salty snacks and decadent desserts every day, it’s ‘overload’!


Suggest him ways other than “food” to show affection, like – ironing your clothes, doing the dishes, giving you a backrub or folding the laundry. These are much better signs of loving you. Be in an agreement of a ‘No-Food’ policy, and offer alternatives for the special occasions. Ask him to buy you a bouquet of flowers or writing a poem, rather than buying chocolates for you on a ‘Valentine Day’.

Fight #5: You’re a Strict Veggie and He’s a Hard Core Non-Vegetarian


When a passionate herbivore, and a hardcore carnivore pair up, dining disasters happen sometimes. But, the two of you needs to give a little effort, and find a common ground to avoid the dining disasters.


Enlist restaurants that offer delicious veggie foods that you like, and also to those that offer the food of his choice. Then stop over a restaurant of your choice with him. If you’re a fortunate, he may give a try to meatless options. It is quite possible that a veggie burger may taste good to him. It makes him feel energetic, filled, and light at the same time. This way, your favorite vegetarian dishes may come on the top of his list of ‘Shared Meals’.