Five Signs to Sense Your Increasing Weight

“Am I fat or plump? If I’m fat, how overweight am I?”

Are you upset about being obese? It’s awesome to be a curvy gal, at the same time you need to be in shape, right? Here, are top five signs which indicate that you need to lose weight.

1. Jeans Doesn’t Fit you Anymore

Last night you nearly fainted when you struggled to squeeze in your skinny jeans. The body hugging navy blue piece doesn’t fit you anymore… it’s a serious warning if your clothes doesn’t fits you anymore.

2. Give your Mom a Patient Ear

“You need to lose weight!!”, if that’s the little piece of advice being offered every day, give your ear to it. Moms are a gal’s best buddy… and she has a point over it. Don’t turn your back on… start thinking over it.

3. Feeling Tired and Sluggish

If you are frequently feeling tired and sluggish, it could be an indicator to lose weight, particularly if you certainly not had any heath issues before. Another reason could be a sudden fall in your sex life or the loss of charm in your life. Consult a doctor if you are going through any depression.

4. Mirror is the Worst Critic

If you don’t feel good while looking at the mirror, trust me it is the worst sign. You seriously need to be conscious about your weight. You can be your worst critic… its true!!

5. BMI Index

Calculate your age, height and weight to check what your body mass index number is.  Make sure if you have the proper stats maintained.

BMI = Mass/Height(m)2

If you have found an answer to your doubts… and a sign telling you to think over it..then it’s definitely the time to be serious and start your weight loss journey, because the healthier you are the happier you are!!