Find Out How Much Sleep Is Adequate For Your Teen!

The federal guidelines say that 9 hours sleep is essential for teenagers and higher secondary school students but a recent study by Eric Eide and Mark Showalter from Brigham Young University reveals that 7 hours sleep is enough for a teenager. This study is the first one that examines sleep and its effects on education and overall development. When asked about sleep deprivation Eric Eide said

We’re not talking about sleep deprivation, the data simply says that seven hours is optimal at that age”.

The current federal norms are based on a study in which teenagers were told to sleep and sleep till they felt satisfied. Now that method may not be accurate as if you tell someone to eat till they feel satisfied, it’d definitely result in over eating.

The study was conducted on a sample of 1,724 students from secondary and primary school and it was found that there is a direct connection between the hours of sleep and the teenager’s performance in the standardized examination.

What should be a concern now is your child shouldn’t be oversleeping as it tends to make them lazy.