Final Predictions for Miss World 2013

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Only two more days to go for the biggest extravaganza of glitz and glamour to hit the world and it is certainly going to be amazing! Miss World 2013 has inched towards finals, and the whole world is keeping an eye on who will be the new Miss World? The new Miss World will be chosen amongst 130 gorgeous contestants, who will set the stage on fire.

The month long extravaganza has already started in Bali, Indonesia, which is one of the best places the world has to offer. From spectacular surroundings, serene beaches to inspiring temples and monuments, Bali has it all to mesmerize you and adding to that are the 130 hot and dazzling contestants.

Today, I am going to make my final predictions for the finale of Miss World 2013, which is going to take place in Bali on 28th September and Indian viewers can watch it live on the same date at 5:30 P.M. (Indian Standard Time). So, let’s see, who has made a spot into the top 15 and who is the winner of the show according to my predictions?

Top 15

#15 Indonesia


To give my honest opinion on Miss Indonesia, she is not one of my favorites, but still, I have given her a spot in the Top 15 as she has won the fast track competition and has been already advanced to semifinals. But, I don’t see her any further than a semi-finalist spot as this year’s batch has got many other strong contenders.

#14 Sri Lanka


It happen quite rarely when contestants from Sri Lanka or other small Asian countries get a place in someone’s prediction list, but, this girl has something that has made me place her in my final predictions. Though, she has been placed lower than the last time, but I think that she will be seen standing amongst the semi-finalists on Saturday.

#13 Venezuela


Venezuela is the only country in the world to bag the maximum number of Miss World crowns.  Venezuela is now known as a country of beauties from where, so many beauty queens have evolved and got acclaimed internationally, be it at Miss World or Miss Universe. This year’s contestant is although not very strong for the crown, but yes, definitely a semi-finalist. But again, Venezuela might pull a surprise at the very last moment and fly home with the crown.

#12 Northern Ireland


This girl has that wow factor that can enthrall everyone at the final. Although, she has been unnoticed by the jury, but I have seen that spunk in her and she can be a semi-finalist. Judges might have saved her for a big surprise for the world.

#11 Italy


She is one of the very talented contestants amongst this year’s batch. She stood as a finalist in the 3 fast-track competitions- Beach Fashion, Sports, and Top Model. What else can you expect from a contestant? This reminds me of Miss India World 2006, Natasha Suri, who got placed in every fast-track contest, but ended up as a semi-finalist. I see Miss Italy as a semi-finalist, but judges might recognize her flair and crown her the new Miss World.

#10 Puerto Rico


Miss Puerto Rico is also amongst few sheer beauties that are going unnoticed by the jury. She is definitely a stunner and a top 10 contestant, for sure. Miss World has a rule of picking Top 7 right after Top 15. In this case, she should be a part of the semi-final at least. She is one of the girls to watch out for.

#9 Australia


She was chosen as one of the finalists for Miss World Talent competition, where she was defeated by Miss Indonesia, who won the sub contest. Though, Miss Australia could not win the sub-title, but she is definitely one of the drop-dead gorgeous ladies, who are vying for the crown in Bali.

#8 Kosovo


Kosovo got placed much higher in my first list of predictions. She was placed as a runner-up in the list, but during the course of competition, many other contestants have shown much more potential than this beauty, which has made her fall down on the list. Nevertheless, I still see her as a semi-finalist.

Top 7 Finalists

#7 USA


Miss USA got placed as a finalist amongst the Top 10 contests for the Miss World Model sub-contest. The winner is yet to be announced and USA has got strong chances of entering the semi-finals by winning the sub-title. Besides, she is a potential candidate for the crown and a sure finalist.

#6 Ukraine


Apart from Italy, Ukraine is the only country, who has got placed in almost every fast-track contest, held at Bali. She is one of the strong contenders for the coveted crown of Miss World, and she might end up as one of the princesses or even Miss World. Watch out for Miss Ukraine.

#5 Spain


Though, she got placed as a finalist at only one of the sub-contest, but I am telling you, this girl oozes out spark, and she has got high levels of confidence. She is one of the best contenders from Spain over the last few years, and she has what it takes to fly away with the crown.

#4 Philippines

miss- Philippines-2013

This girl was not placed anywhere in my first list of predictions and honestly, I was surprised by the fact that most of the people and experts were commenting on her name as Miss World 2013. After watching her brilliant performance in the competition, my opinion has changed 360 degrees. Now, I see her as one of the strong contenders for the crown. However, if Miss Philippines wins the crown of Miss World, she would be the first girl to bag the crown for Philippines and Philippines would be the first country on the planet to bag all the international crowns.

#3 France (2nd Princess)


This beauty from France is loaded with extra levels of energy and excitement. She is so bubbly and charming that one can’t take his/her eyes off her.  I am sure that she will create the same magic on the stage in Bali and get her country the prestigious crown of Miss World.

#2 India (1st Princess)


This girl has not been placed in any of the sub-contests, but still she has got what it takes to bring home the glory. Many betting agencies around the world are placing bets on Miss India, despite knowing the fact that she has not participated in any of the sub-contests. Actually, Indian girls never do well at the sub-contests, but they pull a surprise at the last moment. India has finally started sending potential and deserving candidates to Miss World, and this year’s contestant is one to watch out for.

#1 Brazil (Miss World 2013)


Undoubtedly, she is the deserving contestant for the crown. She has been placed in sub-contests and performing consistently well throughout the month. She is currently the most rated contestant by betting agencies and bookies to win the crown. I am pretty sure that she will create the magic in the finals and Brazil will be highly proud to have elected such a deserving contender.

So, this is my final list of predictions and the contestants, who have sturdy chances to be in the semi-finals or win the crown. Watch out live on 28th September 2013 at 5:30 P.M., the 2 hours long extravaganza of glitz, glamour and glory- Miss World.