Figure Out Your Fugly Faced Friends

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Ever met someone who called you their friend, but behaved otherwise? You thought the two of you were getting along quite well, until their behaviour revealed an altogether different story. Everybody is vulnerable to imprudent relationships, but “friends”, who considers them a potential threat? Understanding the nuances of human behaviour has always been a demanding task, and we wouldn’t blame you for trusting people who’ve led you on in so many ways.

Here’s some help for you, sweet bun.

  • Go a little slow when it comes to forging friendship. You’ve been too selfless before and experienced the results that followed, so this time, instead of being too trusting of people, go easy. Take your time figuring out people and the honest ones you’ll eventually discover.
  • Maintain a few, comforting bunch of buddies. The social butterfly in you wants to reach out and contribute to making everyone’s life happier, but we suggest you tame her down. Not everyone deserves your affection.
  • Hold a realistic expectation of people, their conduct and their lives. Everyone has a business to attend to, husband, kids, pets, siblings. Don’t feel let down if they aren’t able to do everything for you.
  • Don’t let anyone treat you as a door mat. If you aren’t appreciative of your friends’ treatment of you, talk it out with him/her. They must know what hurt you, how wrong you were and why must it not be repeated.
  • Let go. Yes, this is essential not just in relationships, but even with friendships. If someone cannot appreciate your presence and friendship in their lives, it’s entirely their loss. You’ll have more genuine people in your life.

Friendships are truly fulfilling when true and unadulterated. They have to be beautiful, mutually respectful, gratifying and assuring. Elbert Hubbard rightly puts it-

“A friend is one who knows you and loves you just the same.”