Fiery Nail Art: The Perfect One to Spice-Up Your Attire


Nail art is perhaps the hottest selling trend in the world of fashion and makeup. It is an art that terrifically transforms your dull and pale nails to stunning ones. There is a variety of nail arts to get done from a nail art salon, or just use the inner flair of yours to spice up the look. Here, I am telling you the simple yet effective technique to create mind-boggling fiery nail art design that will make everyone around you say ‘wow’. Are you ready to learn? Let’s go:





Step#1- Requisite


  • A bright yellow nail enamel
  • An orangey or a reddish nail enamel
  • A tooth pick or the similar pointed object (pin, etc.)

Step#2- Application


  • Before you begin, make sure that your nails are thoroughly cleansed and buffed for a smooth application.
  • Begin by applying the yellow nail enamel, leaving the borders of the nails.
  • Next, apply a drop of red or orange nail enamel.
  • Take a toothpick and start blending the two colors randomly, creating a swirly pattern thoroughly. Make sure that you do not blend the two colors completely, to give it a fiery look.


  • Since fire is mostly yellow with traces of red or orange, apply more of yellow enamel on the tip of the nails. Again, blend the lower part of yellow so that it looks as if it has been evolved from the lower part.
  • Leave the tip of the nails yellow, giving it a more fiery and dramatic look.

Try it out!