Fashion Mantra for College

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Fashion is something that has a different meaning for different people. Whatever is in fashion for teenagers, it might not be the fashion statement for 50 + people. One cannot bind fashion into a proper definition or framework, but broadly, we can say that fashion is your unique style of carrying yourself, with which people identify your persona. Your style can be really seductive, classy or elegant.

Teenagers are probably the ones who are the most conscious and particular about their attire and gestures. They are more worried about the fact that what are they wearing rather than getting worried about their undone projects. Fashion forms a very vital part of one’s college life.

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Fashion Commences before Your Semester

Just imagine, you rouse at 6:00 A.M. and realize that it is your very first day in college, and you are standing in front of your closet, scratching your head thinking what to wear for the very first day in college, to captivate everyone’s attention. But, you end up in  gloom that you don’t have anything classy and trendy to put on for the first day in college.  Wearing trendy and clothes according to current trends naturally make you confident, and you can socialize more if you have confidence in yourself.

Here, we are suggesting you the latest fashion trends that you can wear this commencing session, and become a diva of your college.

Trend #1-

fashion-mantra-for-college-trend #1

Denims are something that never goes out of fashion. You can pick any classy denim from the market. Moreover, these days, colours are pretty in into fashion. So do not afraid to experiment with colours, and you can spice up your closet with colourful denims, to get an ultra trendy look.

Trend #2-

Fashion-Mantras-for-College-Trend #2

Pick up a lot of chequered and plain tops from the market, or you can even buy them online. You can also create your own tee. All that you need are a few white top and acrylic colours, and paint your own top. White, blue, and red are a few basics colours that are always into the season’s pick. If you are bustier, then you should go for v-necks, and if you have broad shoulders, then go for boat necks.  Go for tuck-in shirts, crop tops, polka tops.

Trend #3-

Fashion-Mantra-for-College-Trend #3

Skirts are not only stylish and fashionable, but they are also extremely comfortable outfit to wear. If there are no restrictions over the dress code, in your college, it is best to wear a colourful knee-length skirt.  If you are bounded to wear such short skirts, go for ankle-length skirts, but please do not wear full-length skirts during and after rains, they will soak the mud and water from the underneath.

Trend #4-

Fashion-Mantra-for-College-Trend #4

If your fashion quotient is tilted towards ethnic fashion, then you can go in for trendy and ethnic kurtas, and tunics which you can pair with chudidaars. It’s your choice to carry it with or without ‘dupatta’.

Trend #5-


Fashion-Mantra-for-College-Trend #5

Well, while discussing the fashion trends for college, we cannot forget one of the most important things to carry- backpack and hand bags. If you are dressing up in college attire, then go for a two-shoulder backpack. But, don’t commit the blunder of carrying the same bag with ethnic wear. With tunics and skirts, always carry a sling bag that is big enough to keep your books and other toiletries. Remember, your bags should be big enough to carry books as you have to carry a few books at least to college, as well.

Trend #6-


Fashion-Mantra-for-College-trend #-6

As you are going to start with your new academic session, the city is going to be flooded with downpour, so avoid wearing the flat chappals, leather boots, and footwear to campus. Preferably, wear rubber shoes and chic rubber slip-ons as rubber do not lock-in the moisture. These days, jelly shoes are pretty in, so you can pick from a range of vibrant jelly shoes.

Trend #7-





girl-choker necklaces

Finally comes the junky, chunky, and funk jewellery to spice up your entire look. You can adorn yourself with funky bracelets, bangles, wooden chains, and many more things. These days, tribal accessories are trending so you can pick from them. You can pick such stuff from a store, but roadside bought pieces will do justice to your attire equally. You can also order online for funky jewellery.

Fashion for college should be very classy, trendy, and yet affordable. We have suggested the best of trends to pick from, to get you into a whole new avatar. But, there are things which you cannot get in any store across the globe, and that you need to have your own, and that is- a healthy smile and confidence. Even if you are not dressed up-to-date, but still if you have confidence and smile, you will definitely grab attention of people towards you.

Stay chic and trendy, always!