Fashion Blunders of 2012

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Fashion is freedom. But at times, it expresses just what we don’t want to hear (read see). So, here is a list of the most absurd, outrageous and awful styles of 2012. We wish we wouldn’t have to do this segment next year, and all the depressing styles fade away with the coming year.

We heart Chanel, truly. And almost all the bags by the fashion house make us drool. But excuse us, what is this? Is this gigantic purse stuck in between two hula hoops meant for the elephants? Do you want us to badly hurt the people walking in front and behind us? Or do you want everyone to dress like Lady Gaga? 

These horrible Louboutin’s (and we hate the use of horrible since Louboutin hardly ever goes wrong with his shoes) are monstrous. Studs, spikes, platforms, Swarovski crystals and seven sets of buckles and straps later, the shoes look as ugly as ugly can be. Are decent, basic pumps a far fetched dream?

Now, what are these, seriously? Are you too shy to wear a pair of shorts? Is this  jeans “in-the-making” or is it still in its “growing years? Whatever it is, it sure is a major fail.

This Dolce & Gabbana Miss Sicily Crocheted Bag is a strict no. It’s a bad bad mix of all the wool that was left with the label, in the worst designs possible (better suited to be a mat, haah!)

A serious query here: How many hours do you think is required to put on this bathing suit? And can you imagine the crazy tan lines it will leave behind? The Chromat pentagram swimsuit is quite a funny sight.

Oak’s Medium Indigo Drop Skinny Jeans is a bit of a weird sight. The floppy crotch and the sagging butt along with the skin tight jeans make you look like a modern caveman (and a very drab one of course)

This definitely cannot be the 70’s revival. Because THIS is more like a Halloween costume and a very dowdy one.

Hideous shoes. Period. These definitely look like the fort of blisters, and those straps between every toe shout discomfort.

The Jean flops are a huge disgrace. This illegitimate child of  jeans and flip flops are nauseatingly unsightly.  Don’t ever think of going anywhere near them, we warn you.

Is your laptop going on a trip to Iceland, Greenland or any other land? No? Then keep it away from this black fur and 8, 800 diamonds case.

Tom Ford? Is that really by you? We wish this were just a nightmare, and you hadn’t really designed this terrible bag. Was this made for a yak?

Statement heels by Prada and Christian Louboutin don’t really define statement here. Because it is such a phony attempt at rebellion. Prada wants your toes to smoke a cigarette while Louboutins spell sex for you. They aren’t sexy. They’re just tacky.

This bag is strictly made from leftovers. A bit of redundant carpet, a scrap of lace and left over jeans led to the creation of this craft project, which eventually converted into a bag. Nothing remotely exciting, here.

This shoe is a classic example of the confusion that results due to the weird combination of Lucite heels, jelly shoes and oxfords. And can you beat the insane price that Simone Rocha High Perspex Brogues demands for it, a whopping $1, 075. We smell disaster.

This bag is the worst from the list. Not only because it looks wretched and pathetic, but also because it is truly shameful. And the reason? It’s made of baby deer. Awful. We’re strictly anti-fur, and the killing of innocent animals is strongly condemned and slammed by us. Tragedy! (Not to forget the crazy price tag- $4, 595)