Farhan Akhtar: The Second Raj Kapoor of the Film Fraternity

It seems like that the stars and kismet of actor, director, and producer is really on the go these days. It is not just his kismet, but also his karma and hard work. His acting skills are paying him off big time, and he deserves all these kudos.

The actor is elated with the kind of appreciation and applauses Bhaag Milkha Bhaag is receiving at the box office. The flick has managed to cross 100 million marks. This is Farhan’s another 100 million flick after Don 2. Farhan has already proven his skills and caliber in direction and production, but this film has certainly proved to be a landmark in his acting career. Farhan’s acting is receiving high levels of appreciation, and critics are also coming up with the fact that no other actor of B-Town would have done this much justification to Milkha Singh’s role as Farhan has done.


Because of all this great work of acting, direction and production, Farhan is being compared with veteran superstar of the Indian cinema and the legendary Raj Kapoor, by critics and audiences all over India. Raj Kapoor was known to mark his step into every aspect of filmmaking, be it acting, direction or production, and kept the ball rolling at all of the professions. Farhan has done something similar in just the matter of few years. He has outshined all the actors and his competitors in the industry.


According to me, this actor is worth receiving such high level of appreciation and kudos. Do you also agree with me?