7 Fantasy Hairstyles That Are Just Too Magical

Fantasy hairstyles are not the everyday hairdos you can just rock on a night out. These are the most stunning, mind-blowing manes that hairstylists put a lot of work in. They can be inspired by literally anything, starting with movie roles, cartoons, and even everyday objects. If you are feeling extra and want to try one of these looks, you need to dress up to the occasion. Some may even serve you for a costume party or a masquerade.


Amazing Fantasy Hairstyles to Try

Swipe through the 7 fabulous fantasy looks below and you will be left speechless.

1. Stunning Curly Beehive

curly fantasy hairstyle for women

As you can see, beehives are not a thing of the past.

Ideal for: You can actually recreate this look, but with less volume when you want an eccentric fantasy hairstyle for an event.

How to Style: For this mane, you need a good hairstylist who is experienced in doing unique hairdos.

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2. Accessorized Updo

fantasy updo

Is this the biggest updo you’ve ever seen or what?

Ideal for: Great for eccentric women that are not afraid to stand out. You can rock it at a special event, such as a wedding.

How to Style: This is not an easy updo, considering how much volume it features. Talk to a professional and make sure you’ve found a talented hairdresser to copy it.


3. Enormous Bubble Braid

fantasy braid hairstyles

This huge bubble braid is so fancy and gorgeous.

Ideal for: The best idea for a costume event.

How to Style: Add a huge wig and create a bubble braid.

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4. Blooming Hairstyle

fantasy hairstyles for women

Yes, this fantasy hairstyle was transformed into a hat and decorated with flowers and other details.

Ideal for: Great for competitions.

How to Style: It is usually done by a hairstylist who excels in this type of looks.


5. Mint Green Fantasy Hairstyles

fantasy hairstyle ideas for women

The mint green braids are on a whole new level.

Ideal for: Great for masquerade events.

How to Style: You can do this look with a wig.

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6. Next Level Waves

woman with fantasy updo

Have you seen a cooler fantasy hairdo lately?

Ideal for: This is the type of hairstyle you see at competitions.

How to Style: The chances are, you will need a professional if you want the exact same thing.


7. Whimsical Fairy

fantasy bridal hairstyle

This is one of the most fantasized hairstyles that you can flaunt in real life.

Ideal for: Great for a wedding, especially if you are the bride.

How to Style: Talk to your hairstylist and let them know that you love this stunning fairy look. Make sure that you get fabulous hair accessories that will make the final look even more magical than it already is.

Fantasy hairstyles are not easy to pull off at all. Some even require many hours of work, so that they can look as fabulous as they do. You’ll be surprised at how many women are obsessed with these looks and use every chance that they get to rock a vibrant and standout fantasy mane. As the name suggests, it all reminds very much of a fantasy, so you’ll definitely feel like a princess.