Famous Politicians and Their Work-Life Equation

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You have always seen our great politicians in the news headlines for their involvement in scams or some other controversial issues and arguing in the Parliament. But, have you ever think that how these politicians manage their work and personal life balance? Actually, it’s very difficult for a politician to fulfill the demands of profession and family, simultaneously.

Here are some politicians, who have successfully maintained equilibrium in their life and work.

Lalu Prasad Yadav

Lalu Ji with wife Rabri Devi and Daughters

Lalu Prasad Yadav, RJD (Rashtriya Janta Dal) chief and Indian politician from Bihar, exemplifies the best sense of equilibrium between his work and personal life. As a Janta Party candidate, he was elected as an MP in 1977. He was chosen as the Chief Minister of Bihar in 1990. He also worked as the Railway Minister from 2004 to 2009. He faced many ups and downs in his political career. But, besides all these, he never has forgotten his responsibilities towards his family. For Lalu, family comes first and then politics.

He got married to Rabri Devi in 1973. He is the head of a very large family. They have 2 sons: Tejasvi and Tej Pratap and 7 daughters: Lakshmi, Hema, Dhannu, Ragini, Chanda, Rohini Acharya and Misha Bharti. He provided good education to his children. He got six of his daughters married and now-a-days; he is busy in searching a perfect groom for his 7th daughter. He is also finding the ways to launch his younger son, Tejasvi, in Bihar’s politics.

Dr. Manmohan Singh

Dr. Manmohan Singh with his family at a family function

Manmohan Singh, Prime Minister of India and a man of clean background, always like to spend his spare time with family. He had been appointed at various significant positions in his career, like Governor of RBI, Secretary in the Ministry of Finance, Deputy Chairman of Planning Commission, etc. He celebrated his 79th birthday in New York with his family. Whenever he goes for foreign tour, he often takes his wife, Gursharan Kaur, along with him. They have 3 daughters: Upinder Singh, Daman Singh, and Amrit Singh. For them, their 3 daughters are like 3 sons. All the three are highly educated and are working at higher positions.

Lal Krishna Advani

L. K. Advani with Wife Kamla Advani

L.K. Advani is an ideal family man. In the 10th and 14th Lok Sabha, he acted as the Leader of the Opposition. He has also acted as a president of BJP. He considers his family as his entire world. He has also quoted some lines from his autobiography,

Family is one of nature’s masterpieces.  I experience the truth of this description each day of my life.

His family comprises of his wife Kamlaji, daughter Pratibha, son Jayant and daughter-in-law Geetika. Jayant runs a small business in Delhi and Pratibha produces and anchors programmes for several TV channels. Advaniji used to say to his friends,

I may be the Home Minister of India, but, within our family, Kamla is the Minister of Home Affairs.

His views about his family-

Family is where I have experienced boundless happiness, unfailingly and on every single day of my life”. “It is here that I have felt loved, anchored, protected, and cared for all through the inevitable ups and downs in politics. So much so, that when I come home after a meeting or an outstation tour, I feel that I have entered a private universe of my own, where I have no worries, no complaints, only a pure sense of contentment.

Sushma Swaraj

Sushma Swaraj with daughter Bansuri

Sushma Swaraj, well known Indian politician, is a role model for several women. In the 15th Lok Sabha, she acted as the Leader of the Opposition. She was the first woman Chief Minister of Delhi. She got married to Swaraj Kaushal in 1975. Her husband is a criminal lawyer and a Senior Advocate of Supreme Court of India. They have a daughter, Bansuri Swaraj, who is an alumnus of Oxford University and a Barrister.

In one of her speech, Sushma said:

I used to pack poori sabzi/paratha aloo in my daughter’s tiffin-box. One day she told me that her friends bought pizzas and burgers to school and she also wanted to have them. I agreed and started providing her fast/junk food all the time – to her school, for lunch, dinner, and even breakfast. After few days she got bored and said she longed for daal chawal.” 

This statement reveals that instead of busy schedule, Sushmaji manage to look after her family very well.

Sonia Gandhi

Sonia with Rahul and Priyanka, accompanied by Robert Vadhera (Son-in-law)

Sonia Gandhi is the President of the Indian National Congress. She is originally from Italy but adopted Indian citizenship. She is the widow of late Rajiv Gandhi. For the sake of her family, she traded miniskirts for saris and also learned to speak Hindi language. In spite of busy political life, she always managed to spare time for her children- Rahul and Priyanka. Forbes magazine included Sonia Gandhi in the list of world’s most powerful moms.