Failure or Success?

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The Line of Success is known by many names- the Line of Fate, Luck Line, the Line of Sun, the Line of Apollo, or Surya Rekha. This line may begin from the upper part of the Mount of Moon, heart line, head line, or the life line. But, it always terminates at the Mount of Sun.

This line indicates-

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  • Creativity of an individual.
  • Fame
  • Success
  • Potential accomplishments of the person.
  • Intelligence
Nature of the Line Features
Strong and straight line
  • Recognition in the field of arts
  • Satisfaction with your work
Well developed in both the palms Success in the career
Begins from the wrist and runs through the palm Owns immense talent
Chained line Possess inherent talents but it’s not appropriately channelized
Absent line
  • No social recognition
  • You have to struggle and make extra efforts to achieve success
Multiple lines You have several talents but master of none.
A star on the line You will acquire a substantial amount of money
An island on the line Loss of dignity
A fork at the end of the line Uncertain success/Success in more than one area
Broken lines Erratic social recognition
Twisted line
  • Despair
  • Unending failure
Very deep Hyperbole of one’s talent
Short and appears low in the palm Have talents but not productive
If the line reaches higher between the heart and head line Special talents and productive
Arising from the fate line Success through personal efforts.
Arising from the Mount of Moon Failure or Success depends on the external factors
Arising from the Line of Head Late success
Arising from the life line
  • Keen interest in the study of astrology and supernatural powers
  • Good knowledge of fine arts
Arising from the line of heart Adequate talent useful in old age
A branch emerging from the line of success ascending towards the Mount of Mercury Eminent success in the field of science and business
A horizontal line crossing the success line Loss of position due to an outrageous entanglement or an incompatible marriage.
Trident on the end of line
  • Wealth from mental caliber
  • Celebrity