Face Wash vs. Oil Wash

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Are you tired of the expensive face care cosmetics and the chemical treatments that have done harm to your delicate skin? What if I told you the secret to a beautiful skin lies in an oil bottle that has been lying ignored in your shelf all day long.

As an acne sufferer in the past, I have been going through loads of prescriptions, ranging from creams to pills. After my skin got completely cleared, I could hardly step out without applying lotion on my face as my skin had become very sensitive after using harsh creams.

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I live in Jaisalmer, where the weather is pretty dry and cold. I knew the fact that I have to find something that is very soothing as well as non- reactant for my skin. At that time, I stumbled upon a magical concoction, which not only nourished my skin, but also gave my skin a radiant glow in seconds.

Well, I am sure by now you must be intrigued to know what that secret ingredient is. It is the “Oil Cleansing Method”, which will swap your current face wash.

Wait for a moment.

Did I just tell you to splash your face with oil?

Yes, I did!

Ehh!! Oil on the face… You will possibly think that I am creating a disaster for you, but trust me ladies! The solution is made up of castor oil and olive oil. Surprisingly, none of us have dared to use these oils, which have been lying in our shelves idle since the last winters.

I know the fact that when I talk about oil… You will certainly think about its greasy texture and ways to get rid from it, but don’t get discouraged by its greasy texture.

Benefits of Castor and Olive Oil


Castor oil penetrates deep into the pores and draws out the dirt and excess oil from the skin. It also fights against blackheads and white heads. Despite of its greasy texture, this oil will dry out your skin if you don’t blend it with olive oil.

Olive oil nourishes the skin, and it gives a rosy glow. Its anti-aging properties reduce wrinkled lines and make the skin feel less sensitive and itchy.

What You Will Require

  • 500 ml of olive oil
  • 500 ml of castor oil
  • Bottle with a pump or push up cap
  • Any other essential oil (lavender or tea tree oil)
  • A piece of cloth


  • Fill half of the bottle with olive oil, and then fill the other half with castor oil.
  • Add essential oils if you want.
  • Add these essential oils before you shake the bottle.
  • Now, shake the bottle for a minute.
  • So, the magical concoction is ready to use.
  • Take a small amount on your palm and dab it all over your face.
  • Ladies, do not remove your make up before applying this oil as it is the finest makeup remover (I have ever used).
  • After, you apply it all over your face, dip the cloth in lukewarm water, squeeze the water from the cloth and put it on your face for 20- 30 seconds. The steam allows castor oil to draw out dirt from your face.
  • Now rub the wet cloth over your face and remove the oil.
  • Repeat this twice a day and see the difference for yourself.

So, the choice in your hands… You want to go for expensive products or inexpensive oils. Which product lives up to their expectations? Do tell!!