Eye Makeup Tips for Hooded Eyes

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Let us first tell you what hooded eyes are? Often nicknamed as “bedroom eyes”, hooded eyes have a small lid space wherein the upper lid almost completely covers the eye so much, so that your eyes either look closed or you appear sleep deprived. However, that, in no way means that you are forever doomed. Hooded eyes can be as beautiful as any other set of eyes, just that you need to get your makeup right. The application techniques that work for other eyes, do not work for this kind of eyes; therefore, all you got to do is follow the steps mentioned below, and let your eyes do all the talking.

1. Capitalize on Your Eye Space


One smart move towards enhancing your hooded eyes is to maximize the space that your eyes hold. Get your eyes plucked, and remember to get them sculpted according to your face shape. When you have a larger eye space, your whole face brightens up!

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2. Don’t Ignore the Lower Lids


Don’t overlook your lower lids when your eyes are hooded. You actually got to line the lower lid of your eye, and even add some shadow. This helps to create emphasis to your eyes, besides adding some dimension to them.

3. Use Upward Strokes


Remember to start upwards since you wouldn’t want to drag your features down. Eye shadow, blush and powder must be used in an upward fashion, as this is going to brighten up your face and make them more defined.

4. Picking Shades for Your Highlights and Eye Shadows


Avoid choosing dark shades for your shadow as they make the lids look heavier, and your eyes small and closed. Instead use fun, light textures that will accentuate your features instead of bringing them down.

5. Highlighting Your Eyes


Use some white eye shadow along the corners of the eyes, so that they appear more awake and open. Highlighting is crucial when it comes to enlarging the hooded eyes.

6. Eyeliners


This is the slightly tricky part. Applying it too close to the line will make your eyes appear smaller. A fine substitution is to line the upper waterline as this gives you more lid space.

Other Tips:


  • Do not highlight your brow bone as it will lay more emphasis on the hooded appearance.
  • If you are opted for a winged liner, make sure you extend the line more downwards than you normally do.
  • Blending adds new dimensions to the shadows you pick for your eyes. So make sure you blend well as this makes your eyes look more beautiful.