Extreme Sports to Try: On the Land!

After exploring the sky and the water, let’s take a spin at the place where God intended to grant to the Homo sapiens, the land! There is so much to do on the earthly sphere where you can experiment and discover your hidden strengths. From deserts to the snow covered peaks, it’s all waiting to be discovered. If you thought that you could experience the adrenaline only in the air or deep down the seas, take a chance at any of the following!


Now this is not a matter of a few seconds or minutes, it’s a journey of adventure. Be it dense forests, mountains or virgin terrains. You discover the gifts of nature on an on-foot journey. Camping is also related to trekking as people tend to stop and rest (and have fun) before moving to the next trek destination. Now this means an encounter to exclusive wildlife and unimaginable beauty of nature and of course a journey to the Stone Age! In India, the favorite trekking spots are Darjeeling-Sikkim, Ladakh-Zanskar, and Himachal-Manikaran etc.

Mountain Climbing

Some people regard mountaineering as a sport and some consider it as a hobby, either case, it promises a journey full of surprises. Now go for this one, if only you are physically and mentally strong. You may need to acquire survival skills and safety techniques. The adventure differs from place to place and climate to climate. Mountain climbing also involves hiking or skiing. After crossing the hurdles of climate, snow, avalanches, falling rocks, crevasses, slopes, when you stand on the mountain top, the accomplishment is unrivaled.

Rappelling and Abseiling 

These are basically techniques to descend from steep slopes with the help of rope. Rappelling and abseiling are used by military but nowadays people are trying their hands on such activities for adventure. The descender is buckled in a waist harness to ensure safety. A rap jump involves descending face down and one must gain enough experience before trying out the hardcore activities. Australian rappel is one of the most popular ones. For more fun, you can try waterfall rappelling as well.

Dune Adventures

The desert should not be under estimated, for it has its own charm. Dune bashing and dirt bikes are some common activities in deserts. The activities can be adventurous depending on the structure of dunes and speed of vehicle. Dune bashing involves exploring the desert with offroading vehicles like SUVs and ATVs. As simple as it may sound, but it’s not! Usually, one needs to hire a professional driver to man oeuvre the vehicle in massive sand. If you are an adrenaline prick go for dirt biking as well.


You must try your hand on skating a little before getting to skateboarding. It’s more of an action sport than adventure. There are various types of skateboarding like U-skateboarding, swing-boarding etc.  There is a board a bit smaller than the long board with wheels and the skateboarder performs breathtaking tricks. We suggest that you must take proper training before performing any tricks on skateboards.


Similar to dirt-biking, this is another form of motor-sports which is ideal for biking enthusiasts. Taking bikes or bicycles on the tough trick terrains on the mountains and in middle of the forests is an experience you can’t afford to miss upon. Once you get the drift of the sport, there are racing events all over the world which you can attend or take part in.


Go-karting is one of the most common sports. It involves riding a small four wheeled vehicle known as Go-Kart or super kart. They are usually single seater but the commercial ones accommodate another passenger. The tracks can be indoor as well as outdoor. Though, not an extreme sport, this one deserves one try!


Skiing is one of the most fun activities to do in snow. There are some options to choose from like alpine skiing, heli skiing, freestyle and ski flying.  Downhill skiing would guarantee you the most adrenaline. There are a lot of ski resorts that offer skiing and snowboarding to their visitors. Snowboarding is the snow form of skateboarding.

Running of the Bulls ( encierro)

This may be the best example of tradition turned into adventure. Running of bulls are held in villages and towns across Spain, Portugal, southern France and some parts of Mexico and Nevada. The most famous of all is the Pamplona Bull Run which is held every year from July 6 to 14, so if you are planning a Spain vacation, make sure you’d be a part of this bull race or the least you can do is to witness this event. Anyone over the age of 18 years can participate in this. A dozen of bulls are let loose and the men run for their life. Now as life endangering as it may sound, records show 200 people get injured in this festival every year but they are all superficial injuries and no serious injuries have been recorded. Since 1924, 15 people have lost their lives in the Pamplona run. Now, if you still feel the urge to go for this one, it’s a “Bravo” from our side!