Extreme Sports To Try: In The Air

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How do you feel when you look up into the never-ending sky? Do you get that urge to explore the blues and whites of the celestial sphere? If you do, you must try the air adventure sports at some point in your life. Let go of the boundless liberated being inside of you and surrender to the empyrean on your next vacation. And here is the list of adventure sports for you.

Skydiving and Parachuting

Sky diving and parachuting is not as dangerous as it may seem to anyone. The sport involves jumping from an aircraft or helicopter on different altitude, mostly from 4000m. There is a free fall for approximately 50 to 55 seconds and when you are nearing the ground, the parachute deploys for safe landing to the ground. What is fun about this sport is the rush at the time of launching yourself into the sky from the aircraft and after reaching the terminal velocity of 120 to 200mph, the skydiver wouldn’t feel the sensation of falling. It’d be like hanging in the middle of the air. For better experience, you can try higher altitudes and these seconds in the air may turn out to be the best seconds of your life.


Hang gliding was traditionally known as an unsafe sport but the modern hang gliders are certified and made of lightweight material. They are inbuilt to recover from technical failures. The glider can bequeath you with a soaring flight. The kite like structure helps the aircraft to deal with thermals and heavy wind pressures. It can be foot launched, boat launch or powered harness. The pilots need to undergo training and usually carry a spare parachute that can be used to land in case of emergency. The pilot’s legs are tucked automatically after the launch. So you can have a literal bird view of the world.


A slower version of hang gliding, this one is a lightweight foot-launched glider aircraft which flies between the speeds ranging from 20 to 65 K MPH  The glider is loosely and carefully buckled in the harness so that they can enjoy the bird-ly feel. Despite of no engine, the flight can easily last for hours depending on the wind conditions. The wings are designed to maintain a balanced flight. For a better experience, you can also try powered para glider that has an engine attached to it. For a speedier flight, you can go for small para gliders but they won’t give you the dash of a soaring eagle-like flight.

Bungee Jumping and Base Jumping

While bungee jumping involves taking a leap from a tall structure while you are tied to substantial rubber band rope, base jumping takes the jump to another level as you are totally on your own. Bungee jumping may not be termed as an extreme but its fun. The rubber band throws you upward in the air after the fall. Some people go for bungee in crocodile waters and other water bodies in the base. Base jumping needs a lot of training to be able to operate the parachute. The height may go up to 5 to 6000m. It can be performed from man made as well as natural cliffs and heights.

Wing Suit Flying And Sky surfing

Now this is for hardcore adventurers and requires professional skills. Sky surfing includes wearing skateboards in a normal skydive and performing aerobatics while in the fall. This requires a considerable amount of practice and skills. Wing suit flying, on the other hand is the closest to flying itself. A special jumpsuit is to be worn which increases the surface area of the human body and makes it fly-able. There has to be a special technique while launching from the aircraft door and divers usually carry a parachute with them to meet emergencies. So, if you are really into sky sports, you can give it a thought after getting professional training.

Happy vacations!