Exploit the Email Marketing Tool to Promote Your Business

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Do you know e-mail can be used to promote your business? Yes, marketing via emails is an extremely powerful method of marketing your products and services.  No other medium is so easy and cost effective to build credibility and value of business. By using email marketing tool properly, return on investment can be maximized.

But, if the e-mail marketing is done wrongly, then it can become the reason of destruction of your business. Incorrectly done e-mail marketing alienates customers and also erodes brand equity. Hence, it is important that you use the best e-mail marketing practices.

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Best E-mail Marketing practices to benefit your business are as follows

  • E-mail only relevant content, the content that the receiver has asked for. Someone seeks information from you only when there is a trust. They trust you that you will provide them relevant information. Violating their trust could lead to unsubscribing e-mails.
  • Send e-mails to only those businesses and people who want to receive them, not to everyone! Don’t let your emails go spammed as it will result in blocking, blacklisting or trashing of mails.
  • To get best results, we suggest you to send official e-mails on Tuesdays- through-Thursdays. E-mails sent on 1st day of weekday (Monday) easily tend to go missing in the weekend mess. And Friday emails are ignored in the rush of the weekend.
  • Consistency is important to enhance your value and win readers’ trust. Whether it is bi-weekly, weekly or daily, stay unfailing in e-mail sending schedules.
  • Don’t fill email subject -line or body with many exclamation marks or all caps words. It gives unprofessional look to the message and also triggers spam filters, resulting into blocking of emails.
  • Send email by the name of either company or contact person and then consistently use the same name. Familiar name of the sender improves the odds of opening the message.
  • Your message should be in both – HTML as well as in plain text. When mail is completely HTML based, about 5% of subscribers receive a blank e-mail. It is because of their e-mail program inability to put on view HTML properly.
  • Use an “AdTracker”. It keeps track of click-throughs and helps in knowing readers’ interest in your message. Thus, aids in maximizing e-mail marketing operation. Deploy AdTracker to each link and know which message is getting the best response and which message requires some tweaking.
  • Never make an attempt to trick spam filters. E-mail senders often do this by adding dots to their words. Don’t try this. Email companies hire workforce to constantly manage and monitor filters to trap such tricks. Ensure your writing is professional and with regards to the real person who is going to read the message.

Hope, you will implement the above mentioned practices effectively to your business and experience growth in the business.