Exercise? We thought you’d say Accessorize!

Here’s to all the women who have been accessorizing themselves since they first opened their eyes to fashion. For it is because of you fiery ladies out there that bold, statement making jewellery is back in vogue and totally grabbing all the attention.

Accessories do not count for an occasional earring or that gold bracelet you’ve only had the courage to team up with your beloved little black dress. Which, in turn, was meant only for your birthday, your parent’s anniversary, your best friend’s wedding or so we presume. When we ask you to try something new, we’re only subtly hinting you to go berserk. For in experimenting, lies discovery.

There’s so much you can do to add finesse to your outfit. We split your wardrobe into two sections here, just so as to help you pick your most matched accessory according to the time of the day.


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Now that we’ve finished segregating your essentials in accordance with what time of the day you’re stepping out, we thought we’d bring to you a list of those items that you must have, must own, must possess and must pamper yourself with no matter what time your wrist watch shows (Oh! Did we just mention another accessory too?).

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