Everyone Bouncing Back From Failure! So Will You!

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More often than we’d like it to be, failure crosses our path. It isn’t welcomed; it isn’t happily received, but being the staunch guest that it is, it vehemently knocks at your door, barges into your house and takes up a lot of space, not just physical but also the mental, emotional, and spiritual.


When failure comes crashing down, you find yourself asking, “Why me?” and when you are unable to answer this baffling question all by yourself, you seek others to sort this mystery for you. And that’s when everyone begins to contribute to the already rising state of upheaval, confusion, and perplexity. “The Master Plan” as most people quote, is beyond your understanding and acceptance. What do these people see well in failed relationships, accidents, death, huge financial losses, and mental breakdowns? How can such levels of cruelty and injustice are masked under “It’s for the best” or “Whatever happens, happens for the good”?

But resilience, my friend is the law of nature. It is the ability of all living (be it humans, animals or plants) things to fight, survive, not succumb to circumstances, and not giving up. Hope is a wonderful thing; it keeps us going. Hope for a better- tomorrow, health, partner, and business! No matter how many times you feel shattered, and swear never to dream again, you come right back; you pray, fight, and work for what you call “the future”- the days that must always be seen in a better light. The days, where you place your “happy life”, must entice you to live.


After getting hits, very few and rare people pledge to come back stronger. The more common and widely available, amongst us, lose contact with their inner self, give in, question God’s presence and conclude that everything’s “crap”, pure, unadulterated crap. However, that isn’t in this way. No matter how tempted you are to right off everything, you must not because you have only two options- either to wallow in self pity, or to show failure that he’s messing up with big daddy.

Patience is the key to all troubles. The highly popular saying, “This too, shall pass” has a deep, profound meaning to it. Don’t blame on some higher power for every little mishap; don’t torture yourself by questioning the event, over and over again. At times, one is grateful for the setbacks after years have passed. Because, in retrospect, one can objectively see the changes and alterations, it brought into their life and all only for the betterment.


So the next time you hit rock bottom, keep in mind that you’ll bounce back, for no adversity is as great as the human spirit, which pines to fulfil long lost dreams and conquer the insurmountable.