Embarrassment of Periods at School

When will I get my first period? That’s a real big question for young girls, who are expecting their first periods soon. The girls, who have just begun with their periods, also have the same problem. They are too young to keep the record of their menstrual cycle; initially, the cycle is irregular too. They don’t come at the same time every month; it might start early or might get late.


The situation worsens, when they get periods in school. If it’s a co-education school, the upset behaviour gets a different level.

It comes as the worst surprise ever. Getting panic is usual in such cases. At that time, you might feel like crying and cursing yourself. Don’t get uneasy, it’s natural.

If your period has arrived, and you are at school… What now?

Better safe than sorry!

You can get rid of all worries; by keeping yourself prepared. Be ready with your supplies (pads, sanitary napkins). See, if it’s hard to remember your date, what you can do is- always keep the pads in your backpacks, in the beginning of your circle. If you have doubts, or having symptoms that you might have periods on a day, the best thing you can do is use pad. If you get periods, you will not have to worry about the stains.

Sometimes, you are not prepared for their periods. What will you do if you start with it, right there in the school; plus, you don’t have your stuff to soak the stain?

Tell it to your teacher, or to your best friend.  Take permission to visit the nurse (in school) or a counsellor. Without feeling shy, clearly ask them to provide you a sanitary napkin. If you are scared of telling it to male teachers, then just tell them directly, “it’s a girl thing”, they will instantly forward your message to a woman, who can help you.

If you feel sick at school, you can ask the administration to call up your parents. Also, you can take leave from the school.

Stained clothes

Usually, the first period is not very heavy, and it’s unlikely to get stain on your underpants and clothes. Somehow, if your clothes get stain while your 1st period, or may be later in the future, you should immediately visit the school counsellor or nurse. Nowadays, there are fresh clothes available in the schools for such situations. You don’t have to worry for long about those stains.

If there is no provision of extra clothes in the school, it’s the sole responsibility of the school administration, to arrange them; or to call your parents to get some extra clothes, or to pick you up from school.

Are you now feeling a little less worried, about getting your periods at school? I know, it’s awkward and embarrassing, to get the periods at school. Remember, there are people at school, to whom you can talk, or can take help. Gradually, you will get in a habit of preparing yourself before your period’s day, and those days will not be a big deal for you.