Eggs: Turn This Nutritional Powerhouse Into a Cholesterol Fighter

You like having eggs in the first meal of the day because it makes you feel energetic and gives a filling feel to your stomach.  But, researchers say eating eggs is unhealthy. What, unhealthy?? Yes, you’ve heard right! The logic is that the egg is a cholesterol raising culprit, and its high consumption increases the blood cholesterol. The main culprit is the yolk found in eggs, carrying about 237 mg of cholesterol. So, should heart conscious persons eat eggs or not?

Let’s learn to make this nutritional powerhouse, cholesterol- rebellious:


1. Eggs Intake per day

A large sized egg contains 5 grams of fat and 200 mg cholesterol. Considering the cholesterol content, the recommended intake of eggs per day is:

  • People with cardiovascular disease or diabetes should not exceed their dietary cholesterol intake by 200 mg, per day.
  • Consumption of cholesterol for healthy persons is 200 mg, or less.

2. Avoid eating cholesterol in Eggs

Separate the yolk with the white part of an egg. Eat only the white part of the egg as it is cholesterol free.

3. Cooking Pattern

How you cook eggs also affects the level of cholesterol consumed through eggs. So, let us learn cholesterol – free preparation of eggs. Butter is highly saturated fat; hence do avoid it in the preparation of ‘Omelette’ and other recipes made out of the egg. In spite of this, use plant oils like canola or olive, for its cooking.  Also, avoid adding any extra fats while poaching or boiling eggs.