Effective Tips to Get Rid of Uneven Skin Tone on Face

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The uneven skin tone results due to pigmentation. The natural skin overproduces a pigment called melanin, which causes certain parts of your body, to appear darker than others. Excessive exposure to sun’s rays damages the skins’ layers and promotes the production of melanin in the area that is damaged, resulting in hyper pigmentation. This prevents your skin from looking even or single-toned. Severe acne also results in marks and blemishes that can make your skin look dull. Sometimes, hormonal imbalances also result in the same. Therefore, avoid pigmentation. If the damage has already been done, then you can correct the skin tone through various ways. The best way is to lighten your skin tone.

Natural Ways:

1. Lemons


Citrus fruits such as lemons are great for skin. Squeeze some lemon juice onto your hand, and apply on the affected area. Regular use can cause the long term gains.

2. Aloe Vera


One of the best medicines by nature, Aloe vera is a cure to all skin problems. It will provide a healthy glow to your skin and help to achieve an even skin tone.

3.  Apple Cider Vinegar


Apple cider vinegar gives a wonderful glow to your skin and supplies the body with vital nutrients. Dab some of it onto the affected area, and then, apply regularly for a noticeable natural glow.

4.  Almonds


Ground and mash a few pieces of almonds, and work them into a paste. Apply over the dark areas and see the remarkable results.

5.  Tomato Juice


Squirt from tomato juice on your palm and apply all over your face. Let it dry. If you use it over a period of time, the tomato juice can give a pink/reddish glow to your complexion.

Other Effective Ways:

6.  Exfoliation


Dead skin cells hamper the health of your skin. Cleanse and exfoliate your face about two to three times a week, with a gentle exfoliator, to attain an even complexion. Do not use over an inflamed or irritated skin.

7.  Use a Sunscreen


Wearing a sun-block every day can significantly aid you, in cutting back the accumulated damage caused by the sun rays. The UV rays are harmful for the naked skin. Use SPG 15-30, depending on the scars and your skin’s sensitivity.

8.  Vitamin E and Multivitamins


Vitamin E oil supplements can be taken, or vitamin E oil can be topically applied on the skin. It can be used for a more even skin tone and even getting rid of acne marks.

9.  Healthy Nutrition


Eating healthy is very important to gain a beautiful skin. Whatever you eat reflects through your skin. Give up the oily, fatty foods, junk food, and unhealthy breads. Rather indulge in the leafy vegetables such as spinach, lettuce, or even fish. Do not forget to drink lots of water as it flushes out the toxins from your body.

10.  Ditch Makeup


At times, extended use of the cosmetic products can wreck havoc on your skin. Avoid makeup for a fortnight, and see, if there is any improvement in your skin texture. Cheap brands contain ingredients that worsen the problems of uneven skin. Go for the quality brands that contain the natural ingredients.

Medical Treatments:

11.  Chemical Peeling


Firstly, go for a chemical peel only when you trust the doctor and clinic. Though the process might appear to be a little daunting, but if done properly, chemical peeling can remove the accumulated dirt and stubborn dry skin, and bring out the rejuvenated and fresh skin with an even complexion.

12.  Laser


Though laser can sometimes be harsh to your skin, yet it removes the outer dry and dead cells, which layer the skin (works like the other treatments for hyper pigmentation), and reveals the healthier skin underneath.

13.  Microdermabrasion


The mechanical action of the evening out the tiny beads is known as microdermabrasion. Scrubbing moisturizes and cleanses the skin, both on the surface as well as within.

We hope that the above listed tips help you to attain your dream complexion. It is highly recommended opting for the natural/homemade remedies, before you sign up for the medical treatments. There is no quick fix for the long term damage, but you can definitely see the amazing results when you use these natural remedies over a considerable period of time.