Eat Pray Love By Elizabeth Gilbert

Eat, Pray, Love is a novel by American writer Elizabeth Gilbert whose memoirs from 3 different countries from different parts of the world help her discover herself and gain a deeper insight of ‘life’. The New York Times Bestseller List featured the book for an amazing 187 weeks and The Oprah Winfrey Show dedicated 2 episodes to the book.

The writer very aptly describes it as, “one woman’s search for everything across Italy, India and Indonesia.”


The storyteller’s style of writing is an amalgamation of wit, intelligence and humor and succeeds in expressing the working, manufacturing and functioning of her emotions and state of mind in a very neat and clear way. The title is sincere and gives you a decent picture of what to expect from the book. The monosyllables relate to the three sections in which the book is divided. The author writes that she wanted to discover one aspect of herself “set against the backdrop” of each of these countries. She further states, “It was only later that I noticed the happy coincidence that all these countries begin with the letter I. A fairly auspicious sign, it seemed, on a voyage of self-discovery.”

The enlightening and entertaining book originates at a point when the writer is fighting severe depression due to a failed marriage and takes in a voyage of self discovery. She thoroughly enjoys the Italian food, language and people in the country. She then flies to India where meditation, ashrams and spiritual discovery open an altogether different door for her. Lastly, she moves to Bali, Indonesia where she meets Ketut, a medicine man. She seeks her destiny here.


The book has been adapted to a movie, starring Julia Roberts. It nourishes your soul, is a profound read and very beautifully describes the ordeals and triumphs the writer undergoes in her journey to finding peace and knowing herself better.