Eat Healthy On Your Budget

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Inflation…..  buzzing word in the brutal economy that’s making us to keep a count of every penny! With sky rocketing prices of every food item, it has definitely become a challenge to families to eat healthy. It’s a fallacy that to eat better, you have to spend more bucks. It’s not always true.  I convince you; it won’t be that hard to eat healthy on cheap, if you follow these tips:

Grow your own Produce: It is surprisingly cheap and trouble free to produce your own food!  There are many garden centers from where you get food plants and also advice regarding growing the produce. If you’re a beginner then start with growing tomatoes.

Buy Seasonal Food: It is the best tip to save on your pocket, always go for purchasing those fruits and vegetables that are in season. It will not only make purchasing cheaper but also taste fresh and better. If you wish to eat the produce for a year round then purchase it extra in its peak season and freeze to use for rest of the year. You can do this with apples, peaches and blueberries.

Alternate Food: Choose eatables which are cheaper and carry equivalent nutrients to their pricey counter foods.  Like peanuts, cheaper and equally nutritious as other costlier nuts.  Despite eating apple, eat poor people’s apple i.e. pears.

Buy Directly From the Source: Those who eat a whole food diet know the best how expensive it is to include meat in the meal. The best way to have a good quality meat at the reduced price is to arrange it straight from a local farmer.
You can purchase the meat from your local farmer once a year and enjoy delicious meat all year round. Yes, bulk buying will definitely make your bill go up and will bring down your monthly spending on grocery.

Purchase in Bulk: If you go on purchasing fruits and vegetables in bulk, you will amount to save a lot on your monthly produce shopping. Buy the produce in bulk then spilt it with your friend if you can’t use or don’t need it before it rots.

Rational Buying: Instead of buying packed foods, pick loose eatables. For instance, packed corns and oats cost about 10-20% more than their loosed form.

Visit Supermarkets on the ‘Maha-bachhat’ Day: You can save a lot by visiting supermarkets and shopping groceries and other stuffs on the day of discount.   Also, supermarkets offer a wide variety of the same product. Hence, you can pick a product suiting your pocket the best.

Make Your Own Snacks and Desserts: Instead of buying packaged cookies, choose to make your own- a tray of muffins, a batch of cookies, a loaf of bread, etc once a week. Your kid will also not complain about eating the same cookies for a week if it stays fresh and delicious. For snacks, you can make air-popped popcorns, cracker plate and other such easy snacks.

Implement these tips to your shopping – to have better healthy eating and money saving!