Easy Yoga Poses for Mommy and the Kid

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A tired mom can try anything to get her kids sleep.  Well, here anything means sensible and clear. I am sure many of the moms feel like the way I do. Busy moms have to unwind after a hectic day, and yoga is a perfect way to do that. If you are looking forward to spending some quality time with your kid (apart from running behind them), I have the perfect start for you “The Yoga Poses”!

If you have seen your kids jumping around the curtains and sofa, you may be amazed, to see their playful skills in yoga. Start with the basics first, particularly with breathing in and out. Then, you can play a yoga DVD, to pick on easy yoga poses for you and your kid. So, here we start with our basicyoga classes.

1. Breathing


Each yoga session begins with the quiet and peaceful act of breathing. Breathing in and out has a great relaxing effect on our mind and soles. Sit down with your little one, and get little cosy with him. All you and your kid need to do now is breathe in and out. Chant the word “ohm” and start with your breathing exercise. Guide your kid in the easiest way possible, breathe through your nose in and breathe out. Doing this will zest up your soul and keep you at an ease (even your kid annoys you).

2. The downward facing dog position


One of the simplest yoga poses for you and your kid. Just tell your kid to sit like a dog. I am sure your kid will be super excited, to try this position. Now just rise your back including your hips, to make an inverted V position with your body. This posture takes care of your joints and makes you more flexible. So, next time your maid doesn’t come, I am sure you will mop the entire house without making any health excuses.

3. The Childs Pose


You simply need to sit with your kid over your heels; bend your forehead to the mat touching the ground, and place your arms in front of you. Stretch them as much as you can. This asana keeps your heart and brain pumped up with fresh oxygen. Don’t go by its name… It does good to you (moms) also.

4. The Namaste Pose


The Namaste asana is probably the most heard pose, among the other yoga poses.  I am sure, your kids are also familiar with it. This makes your kid even more excited on doing this yoga pose. The Namaste pose brings out your palms together closer to your heart area. In Sanskrit Namaste signifies “making others feel special). So, the meaning and essence behind this asana will build instinct values and respect in your little one.  Isn’t that amazing? What’s better than yoga to imbibe positive values in your child?

5. The Relaxation Pose

 yoga poses for mom and kid

The perfect pose to end your yoga session with relaxation. Well, you can also go for it between your yoga sessions. Lie down along with your little one, place your arms to your sides. Make sure your palms are facing in the upward direction. Breathe in and out with your nose. Let your breath rise and fall. It’s going to be a fun session for you and your kid. And, let me mention it’s most effective cause… Its surely going to alter the hyperactive levels of your little one.

So, instead of running behind your kids all the time… Sit with them every morning, to calm their hyper activeness and their disturbing nature. Follow these easy yoga poses because it’s not always the “YOGI”, who is benefitted from yoga.