Easy DIY’s With Things Lying Around at Your Home

1. Delightful cap coasters


Save the caps of all your drinks and see how useful they turn out to be. Convert them into coasters by sticking them together in rows of three. One precaution to exercise here is while you’re opening a bottle, make sure you do not twist and turn the cap too much because it will distort its surface and not keep it flat and uniform.

2. Making of your own stamp


Things required:

Craft foam sheets, small block of wood, a pair of scissors, glue and ink.

How to:


  • Cut the foam sheet into the shape you want (The stamp is going to be the mirror image of the shape you cut, so contour it accordingly).
  • Cover the block of wood with glue.
  • Put the foam pieces on the wooden block. Press them so that they all get dried.
  • Dip your stamp into ink and soak it in.

Your stamp is now ready!

3. Make your own tote


Making your own bag; sounds cool, doesn’t it? We’re big on reusing things and think of making use of pieces of cloth, lying around in our wardrobe.

Things you’ll need:


  • For the main body: 2 pieces of cloth (15 x 10 inches)
  • For the contrasting top: 2 pieces of cloth (15 x 6 inches)
  • Handles: 2 pieces of cloth (4 x 16 inches)
  • Thin elastic (6 inches)
  • A button

How to:

  • Fold your elastic in half and place it centrally on 15 inch side of the cloth, which will form the main body.


  • Place the contrasting piece on top of the main body and sandwich the elastic in between it. Now sew a ¼ seam. Repeat the same for the two remaining cloth pieces too.


  • Now line the bag on both of the sides.


  • Turn the bag inside out so that the inner side is facing outside. Press well.


  • Seam the bottom of the bag and turn it back to the right way.


  • Work on the straps now.
  • After finishing the straps, sew it inside the main body of the bag.


  • Sew a button above the elastic (about 3 inches) and your bag is ready.


4. Pretty candle holders


Walnuts have now found another wonderful purpose, besides being a great source of nourishment to your brain. They can be used as candle holders.

Here’s how you can do it:

  • Pick up pieces that are neatly broken into two parts and fill wax into it.
  • Do not forget to insert a thread, dipped in oil (this will illuminate your candle). Put them together in a bowl and light up the walnuts with wax in them.

It surely is a very pretty sight.

5. Leather bag tutorial

Things you’ll need:


  • A small piece of leather
  • A satin ribbon
  • A quarter plate
  • A punching machine
  • A pair of scissors
  • A ball point pen
  • A strap to hang the bag

How to proceed:

Step 1-


Place the quarter place on top of the leather piece and draw a neat circle with the pen.

Step 2-


Cut this circle with the scissors.

Step 3-


Draw tiny circles at equal distances (take the help of a newspaper if needed).

Step 4-


Punch in holes with the punching machine.

Step 5-


Weave your satin ribbon from in between these holes.

Step 6-


Bring the ribbon together so that piece of leather will form the shape of a bag.

Step 7-


Form a big bow in the front

Step 8-


Attach the strap to the ribbon so that it doesn’t fall off