Easy Craft For Your Kid!

Green friends!


What you’ll need

Plastic cups, potting soil, seeds of grass, items of decoration such as markers, stickers, and ribbons.


Fill half the cup with soil. Now take the leftover soil and split it in two. Stir the seeds in one of the 2 halves and spoon it into the cup. Now use the remaining soil to top the pot with its layer. Water it well. Let your child colour the pot according to his wish. Place the plant in a sunny, warm spot so that it sprouts well. Water regularly.

Animal Kingdom!


What you’ll need

Colorful beads of various sizes, one pipe, glue, scissors, felt paper.


Caterpillar- Insert a big bead into the pipe and position its head in a way such that the holes appear as eyes. Put in a few more beads and glue them to each other. Cut off the extra pipe and close the end so that the beads do not roll out.

Ducks- Vertically place one bead over another and stick the head over another. Cut the felt paper in the shape of a beak, wings and feet. Your duck is good to go.

Rabbit- Pick 2 beads of considerably different sizes and put the smaller bead in a way that the holes come across as eyes (as done with the caterpillar). Cut the feet, tail, and ears from the paper, and stick them in their respective places.

Bird’s Nest!


What you’ll need

A paper plate, some grass and twigs, a bird picture (drawn or readymade), some cotton balls and glue.


Take the paper plate, now stick the grass and twigs in such a way that it looks like a bird. Make the bird sit on her nest and place the cotton balls next to her in order to make them appear like eggs. Your bird is happy to have found a home.

Glowing Owl!


What you’ll need

Paper globe (round shaped), scrapbook paper, jute threads, glue.


Take the round lantern. Now cut the eyes, nose, ears and wings from the scrapbook paper in order to make clear facial features. Use the jute threads to make them appear as legs. Use a low watt bulb to light up your owl. It is ready to give you company every night.

Your footprint turkey!


What you’ll need

A coloured box, a foot and a sheet of paper.


Soak your child’s foot in a plate of water colour and stamp it on a piece of paper. Allow it to dry. Now create the wings by immersing your hand’s thumb in different colours and painting the feathers with whatever colour you want to. Paint the facial features and the feet of your turkey. Adorable, we say!