Easy and Eye-catching DIY Flower Cushion Covers for your Home!


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Finding plain cushion covers is pretty easy, but finding the kind that would suit your choice and taste, can be quite complicated. And, who wouldn’t like these adorable pillow-covers? You can set them up in your room, gift to your friends, or use them as perfect house warming gifts. To stuff up your cushions, you can even use dry herbs, dried flowers, orange peels, lavender, spices, etc.

Material required


  • Coloured felt wool cloth
  • Thread
  • Marker pen
  • A stitch adhesive

Forming the Pattern-

Cutting the cloth and coordinating colours:

Cut the cloth into squares of sixteen 4 ½ inches and put it aside.


Now cut the cloth into petals of both large and small size.


Lay out the square you have cut and arrange the petals according to your colour preferences. This is a lot of fun and gives great room for creativity.


Stitching of the flowers-

Create an X using a ruler and pen extending from corner to corner.


From the centre, apply some glue on the marked line (about one inch) in all the directions. Now place the large petals (4 in number), such that, there tips meet in the centre. Now glue the small petals on the larger ones and align them properly. The glue helps to keep the petals in place making it easy to sew.


Sew the petals diagonally. Use back stitch.


Now sew the squares together. Keep one side open so that you can use it as an opening for your fillings.


Clip the corners.


Filling of the Cushions and the Finishing Touches-

You can fill the cushions according to your choice of smell/scent through the one opening you had left unstitched initially. Be careful not to overstuff them, and don’t leave them too spaced out either.


Now, hand-sew the sachet as shown below.


Snip the thread through the case, in order to hide the exit point.