11 Enthralling Dutch Braid Crown Hairstyles (2019 Guide)

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Dutch braid crowns are one of the most perfect styles for those who want a hassle-free look to enjoy the hot summer days. Dutch braids are so gorgeous on their own. When styled as crown braids these can make you an instant princess look.

Amazing Dutch Braided Crown Hairstyles for Women

Here are the top 11 ideas to style Dutch crown braids to get a stunning look this season.

1. Dutch Crown with Bow

dutch braid crown with bow

Dutch braids are best when you want to weave your hair into a crown. Start creating the braid from one point on your head and keep weaving it until you have completed the round of your head and reached the starting point again. Secure the crown and style it with a bow.


2. Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights

dutch braid crown with front strand

Whether it is an event at your workplace or a wedding ceremony of your friend/family, Dutch crown braid should be your priority. Elegant braids with highlighted strands will make you stand out of the crowd in an instant.

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3. Balayage Hair with Half Braid

ombre hair with half up dutch braid

Looking exquisite becomes easy when you have styled your half hair into a crown braid with bold waves floating on your back. Caramel balayage on black hair complement your hairstyle in the best way possible.


4. Front Braid

front dutch braid styles

No one can resist this Dutch braid style. Bring the rest of your blonde hair over your shoulder and put loose rolls in them. Tuck the front crown braid beneath the loose rolls.


5. Enchanted Updo Hairstyle

dutch braid crown with flowers

Take your frontline hair and tuck them behind your ear in a sleek curve. Grab the remaining hair and knit them into a braided crown forming a halo over your head. Put flowers in your braid for a truly enchanted Dutch braid hairstyle.


6. Double Braids

For a double Dutch hairstyle, take a thick strand of hair and weave it into a crown braid around your head. Once you reach the starting point around, start braiding the loose hair into a three-strand braid.

After finishing the braid, round it up behind the braid around your head for a classic updo.

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7. Long Balayage Hair

This long blonde hair with bangs looks so mesmerizing. Cut sleek front flicks and put beach waves into your hair.

Take some hair from the top and Dutch braid it until you reach the back of the head. There, secure it under the waves for a remarkable hairstyle.


8. Crown Braid with Bangs

The best way to achieve this super cute look is by cutting your front faded blue hair into bangs. Weave the rest of the hair into a Dutch-style crown braid.

Leave a loose wavy strand in front of your ear, and you have successfully achieved the super cute look you have always wanted.


9. Sleek Ponytail

Double-sided braids are super flawless. For this Dutch braided crown hairstyle, middle part your hair and weave them into two braids. Connect both the braids at the back of the head and start weaving a ponytail.


10. Dyed Braids

dyed dutch braid crown

If you are the funky type, then ask your stylist to dye your hair. Take that dyed aubergine hair and weave them into a Dutch braid and wrap it around your head to get the crown look. Time to mix your funky type with angelic type!

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11. Caramel Braids

half dutch braid crown hairstyle

Style your caramel blonde hair in a magical way by side parting them first, and then leaving front line hair as it is. Continue the style by taking half of the hair and doing a Dutch braid which ultimately forms a crown around your head.