Drug Addiction in Teens

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Nostalgic for an Incident: Remembering Black!

Once sitting and thinking of the night, you are strolling in the lawn alone, getting pleasure from the tranquility of nature. During your walk, you see different kinds of people, hurling their way through the journey. At the very moment, you see few boys hanging out together and all of a sudden, coming towards you. As the joy is derived, when you see children, taking their strides as a grown up men, it reminds you the unforgettable mischievous days of upbringing. As we come back from the memory lane, with the blink of an eye, those boys who captivated you with their innocence, have taken you under their hostage. The moment you will realize the danger, they will attack you with their knives, will steal your wallets and cell phones. The world, which was so promising and beautiful to you, suddenly transforms itself into a nightmare. You felt awful pain, thinking about the immature kid, who robbed your money only to fulfill his needs to buy drugs.

Addiction of Drugs, Followed by Self-Devastation

Are we talking about our future, filled with upcoming young stars, or a substitute of darkness? Now, I want you to take a flash to thoughts, it is not each day you discover the stories in the newspaper, that teenager boys are involved in executing these serious crimes like-murder, robbery, snatching, and extortion, only to buy drugs. Don’t you think, it’s like a curse for us? If we see outer appearances of these youngsters, they seem like any other boy from a good background. Thus, what is the reason that they choose this path of self destruction? The answer is, “addiction of drugs”.

The Future of Our Country Seems to be In Fate

According to the research done on this controversial topic, we see the graph of young criminals, is growing higher each day due to the consumption of heavy drugs. The class of drugs they get addicted, are many in the form like-heroin, marijuana, inhalants, nicotine, cocaine and alcohol. At this tender epoch, they are getting drawn in such serious offence, which becomes a terribly painful reality, and leaves us with a question to think about our country’s future. It  is being doomed by various dreadful, yet effective substances.

Let’s Join Hands to save our Future Nation-Builders

What do you think of these druggists? Are they only dangerous for the society? For sure, ‘NO’. Their family also suffers. It’s not a big deal for them to commit. It’s easy to adapt, and befall a victim of the drug. Now, the question arises, that how to demolish this evil habit? It’s not easy to see, our youth dying-socially, psychologically, physically, and morally from the extreme dependence of drugs. Before anything else, we would like to give a ‘Wake Up’  call to all of the parents. What all you need is to give support to all your young growing siblings. Let us protect them from going into this deep shit.

We must be ‘Many in Body & One in Mind’, to fight against the parasites lurking in the society. The first step will be, to educate the adolescents, about the law against the consumption of drugs. Don’t forget, India has turned out to become one of the biggest drug trafficking outlets in the world, and we need to take action collectively, to crack this channel with our positive will.