Dress for Success : Choose Perfect Attire for Interview

“You can have anything you want in life, if you dress for it”.Edith Head

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Your qualifications and resume have made you shortlisted for the interview. Now, it’s your look that will help you to get to the next round of the interview.

First impression is the last impression. Thus, your attire should be according to the company/profession for which you are interviewing for.

Dressing Tips

  • Wear formal attire while going for the interview. A light shade sari or suit is considered as the best ‘formal wear’.
  • If you are going to face the interview for media or fashion related companies, you can wear skirts. The length of the skirt should be up to the knee.
  • You can also go for black trousers and formal shirts.
  • Color of the dress also plays an important role in conveying message about your values and attitude. So, be careful! Refrain yellow, orange and red colored dresses.
  • Short tops, plummeting necklines, miniskirts and excessively tight clothes may dent your sincerity at the interview. Avoid them!
  • The clothes should be neat and ironed. Wear a dress that fits you.
  • Take out pining stitches and tags from new dresses.
  • Check the buttons. Ensure that no button is missing from your clothes.

Interview Make-up

Remember, you are going to face an interview not for attending the party. So, avoid too much of make-up. Here are some tips:

  • Use natural shades of the lipstick.
  • Grey or brown make-up will give an inkling of proficiency to your eyes.
  • Say ‘NO’ to sparkle and shimmer.
  • Avoid the use of blush, as it appears over make-up.
  • Use light odor perfume.
  • Hair should be neat, clean and trimmed. Don’t tie your hair in funky style.
  • Manicure your nails.

Interview Accessories

Interview accessories include jewelry, purse and shoes. Your accessories should accomplice your attire.

  • Be prudent with jewelry. Don’t put on too much jewelry. A necklace, a ring, a watch and small earrings are sufficient.
  • Wear polished shoes. Avoid sneakers, sandals; unpolished, noisy and high heel shoes.
  • Carry briefcase or portfolio, in place of purse.

Interview Outfit: At Glance

  • Clean and manicured nails
  • Light perfume and make-up
  • Professional and simple hairstyle
  • Briefcase or portfolio, instead of purse
  • Sari , suit , trousers and formal skirts
  • Simple hairstyle
  • Polished shoes

The above tips will definitely work and I am sure, you will come out from the interview room with an offer letter!

Best of luck!