Drape the Saree with Utmost Elegance with These Tips

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It happened to me a few months back, on a friend’s wedding! I had to drape the saree all by myself because of the snail paced beauty parlour people. Anyway, just so you know it was no disaster and I managed quite well for a first timer… though it took all the safety pins I had and some borrowed ones as well!

So the thought came to my mind that all Indian girls have to go through this turmoil once in their lives. Be it the school farewell, a friend’s wedding or the toughest of all… the days following the wedding when you have to get all decked up and stay under the investigative eye of the relatives, neighbors and even strangers! Well, here I am gonna tell you some quick tips that are sure to help you on one or other of your days. But before we begin with that… ever wondered what is it about the six yard long piece of cloth that makes it so exclusive?

Well, I’ll tell you… it is the mysterious appeal it holds! How it shows just enough skin to arouse the curiosity in the mind of those onlookers and making them wonder about the rest!

In case you are wondering how to make a statement with a saree, lemme tell you some ways to spice it up.

  • First of all, make sure you select some really good styles of blouses. Just visit your nearby boutique or flip through your favorite magazine, you are sure to find some awe inspiring designs. Once you have a stunning blouse, you are half ready to turn heads!

Have a look at the stunning designs and use your own creativity

  • The good thing with sarees is that you can drape it in so many ways and each way looks stunning in itself.  Make neat pleats of the ‘pallu’ and tuck it on your shoulder or tuck one side of it and let it fall over your arm.Wanna try something different…? just gather the ‘pallu’ together (without making pleats) and tuck it on your shoulder with a designer pin or brooch.

Our very own trendsetting bollywood divas wrapped in the six yard long beautiful attire

  • You think traditional is boring? Certainly not! Give it a whirl sometime and you’ll know it’s soo worth it!  Remember ‘Vidya Balan’ in parineeta? Elegance is the word!

I’ve never met one girl in my life that doesn’t have a thing for jewelry! Neckpieces, rings, anklets, bangles, earring… and you can wear all of it with saree and that wouldn’t be overdressing at all.


So girls, diamonds, gold, silver, platinum or the precious stones… they are all yours now!