Dowry in India: The Ugly Face of our Old Social Rituals

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Starvation Or Intimidation?

Is it about human desires, or hunger that has become the talk of the town? We can put it up in a simple term i.e. Dowry, which is undeniably one of the biggest perils for our culture. You, me, and every single citizen of our country must be aware that the custom still exists, and also widespread on a large extent. This signifies  it’s deep rooted connections with our system and individuals of India. Yes, it was believed that dowry is the earliest traditional customary into the upper caste people. However, it has become a source of earning, to amplify the economic conditions of Indian houses. Nothing has left in satisfying their hunger, as from jewellery, cars, cash to property. Everything is covered, but still their hunger remains unsatisfied.

Government Seems Ineffective

The government of India, in the early 1961, has prohibited the system of dowry. Though we find 8391 cases, reported in 2010. It means, nearly one death per hour. The charge was given to the probationary officers of every district, to root it out from the grassroots level, but we can’t see any step towards it.

Probing The Grounds

The lack of public campaigns, or mobilization to spread awareness among people, was one of the major reason of its aggravation. Moreover, a keen eye -check on culprits of dowry has been missing since 25 years. This has resulted in- girls are being treated as a burden and insolvencies of families. Females are suffering from violent behaviour on a daily basis, and deaths (which are quite high in number).

The Dreaded Story, Which Will Leave You Traumatized!

This story of a 21 year old female is surely going to make you bewildered to think as to what was her offence. The shame took place in a small village at Tyonda (Madhya Pradesh), where the criminal continuously raped the victim allegedly. She was harshly tortured for the dowry of Rs. 1 lac, by her husband, and his relatives too. While her health gave up, she was sent to her spouse’s relative, Ram Singh Kurmi, for getting cured. Unfortunately, his two sons including Ram Singh, again continued the sexual harassment for a long time. Later on, the poor lady was sold off for about Rs. 50,000, in the village of Mahuna, to some Dwarika Prasad, as said by the police of Sagar district. Prasad too took her advantage, leaving her condition in a most awful situation.

After that, he sent her for the medical healing to Khurai, with a person named, Kharak Singh, who, on the way, also supposedly raped her.  After the treatment, he left her to Prasad again. Then somehow, she informed her parents about the location, and they found her way back home on 28 June 2012. Finally, she managed to report it to the police station at Rahatgarh. Her husband, and other partners in crime were being arrested, but the investigation is still going.

Wake Up!

Whatever conclusion you take out of this story, but one thing is clear with this incident,  the hunger of dowry, brings along several other crimes with it. This also shows, that the greed and foolishness of this heinous crime, have taken many innocent lives. In our country,  marriages are treated as a sacred union of two people, looking towards the same direction. This butchery of bride demonstrates the weakness and shallowness of the society. Moreover, this also shows the disability of our system.

This is the high time to take action regarding this severe issue.  Never forget, you could also become a victim, or the next girl might be from your own family. Think about it!