Do’s and Dont’s For Parents of School Going Kids

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Board exams…stressing time for both parents and children! All the parents want their child to top the exams. Their expectations might over-pressurize the child and in stress, he/she may not be able to utilize his/her potential. You had also gone through this phase in your life, so, you can better understand the feeling of your child. Children look for the support of their parents during this tense time. So, be supportive!

Here are Some Do’s and Don’ts for the Parents:

To Do List –

  • Try to uphold an affectionate and cheerful atmosphere in the home.
  • During exams, pay special attention to your child. This will help her/him to gain confidence and trounce mental tensions.
  • Observe the behavioral changes of the child. Create a “we are with you” feeling.
  • Help your child in preparing effective plan for the exams.
  • Give balanced diet to your child. Keeping in mind the child’s food choice, include vegetables, fruits and low-caffeine foodstuffs in his/her diet. Avoid giving junk food. This will keep your child healthy and fit, during exams.
  • Enquire if the child needs your help in any subject.
  • Every child has his/her own way of learning. Let your child to choose his/her favored method of learning.
  • Allow your child to take small breaks. You can play with or take your child for a walk.
  • Ensure that your child takes 7-8 hours of sleep, during exams.
  • Encourage your child to do group study. It also helps in reducing stress.
  • After completion of the exam, talk about the paper with your child. Motivate him/her to move ahead and concentrate on the next exam.
  • Always inspire your child by saying, “Yes! You can do it.”

Not To Do List-

  • Relating child’s exam results with your status symbol.
  • Putting any kind of pressure on the child.
  • Broaching idealistic hopes on your child.
  • Creating a horror for the board examination in the child.
  • Comparing your ward with others.
  • Threatening your child with awful consequences, if they don’t get good marks.
  • Laying down a percentage target for your child.
  • Scolding the ward in front of others.
  • Handling child’s aggressive or negative behavior in a positive manner.
  • Hovering around the kid with pushy advice.
  • Labeling the child as “careless” or “irresponsible”.
  • Asking for studies, frequently.

It’s you, who can take out the panic of board exams from your ward’s mind. Transform worries of the child into enthusiasm.

Remember, bad marks are not the end of the world!