How to Style Dookie Braids: Top 10 Ideas

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Dookie braids that were so big in the 90s are once again making a comeback. African-American ladies are rocking them in so many forms, colors, and lengths. Literally, anyone can try these gorgeous braids and you don’t even need special training.


How to Do Dookie Braids

How to Do Dookie Braids

Dookie braids are much easier to do than you would imagine. Of course, it is always the best idea to go to a professional, but you can also try to do them at home. So many ladies do them with extensions which makes the braids bigger and helps them stand out. It is your choice whether you prefer to include extensions as well.

To start your hair has to be dry and combed. Divide it into several large sections, and start working on a single one. Grab a piece of hair with the size that you want the braid to be. These are very easy to do because they fall freely. Start from the root, and braid very tightly with three strands, just like a classic braid. If you are using extensions, add them as well. When you finish, use ties to secure the braid. Continue doing this with the remaining hair.


Watch The Following Tutorial to Learn How to Do Dookie Braids


Fabulous Dookie Braided Hairstyles

If you’ve been searching for inspiration on how to flaunt this dookie braids hairstyle, we have 10 standout designs that you’ll absolutely love.

1. Large Black Braids with A Side Part

dookie braids with side part

A middle part can become such a dull choice. These stunning braids look even better when paired with a dramatic side part.

Ideal for: Great for ladies who have already done these braids and want a change. So simple and cute.

How to Style: Make them big and do a side part with the comb when creating the sections.


2. Two-Toned Jumbo Lemonade Braids

two toned dookie braids

All of the dookie braids don’t have to be in the same color. The best thing about extensions is that you can get creative with other hues.

Ideal for: If plain black does not do it for you, you can always add some extra ash grey. The way to go is grey add-ins, and you decide where to get them.

How to Style: Begin by choosing in which area you’ll want different colors to be. This is such a chic look because the black and grey are completely separated and you can see the contrast.


3. Bold Blue Braids

girl with blue dookie braids

Blue is always a good idea. The dookie style braids can be elevated to a whole new level thanks to this mesmerizing color.

Ideal for: All ladies who want to try standout tones should definitely go for blue extensions.

How to Style: After buying the extensions you can start braiding while also adding them to the mix.


4. Half-Up Topknot

half top knot with dookie braids

Put the braids up in a half-up topknot whenever you feel like you need a change.

Ideal for: Great for all ages and hairdos.

How to Style: Take the braids up and secure them with either a tie or bobby pins.

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5. Braided Bun

bun with dookie braids

Having the braids down all the time is not the only alternative. Try this dookie braided bun to add an edge to your hairstyle.

Ideal for: This is the best mane for work or when you get bored of wearing your hair the same way every single day.

How to Style: Take the braids up with a tie or pins.


6. Zigzag Braids

dookie braid hairstyles for women

The puzzling effect of these braids is so mesmerizing.

Ideal for: Middle and side part are not an option when you have such a cool idea.

How to Style: Ask for zig-zag partings in between the braids.


7. Colorful Accessories

dookie braid hairstyles for women

No look is fully done without accessories. There are numerous details you can include to make your hairdo more eye-catching.

Ideal for: Great for the women who love color, but also prefer to have the braids in their natural hair hue. The best solution is the accessories.

How to Style: Start off with some metal clips and beads to the braids. You can opt for ties in different colors as well.


8. Short Red Braids With Accessories

The dookie braids don’t have to be long. You can opt for a much shorter version in the form of a razored bob. Chic, easy to braid, and easy to remove.

Ideal for: If you want short hair, but also love these braids, this is the mane you should opt for.

How to Style: After choosing the length, you should also think about the size. Larger braids are an ideal match with a short crop. Add some shiny accessories and you’re ready to go.


9. Rainbow Long Braids

colorful dookie braids

When a single color is not enough, get them all. Vibrant hairstyles such as this one are very popular at the moment.

Ideal for: This is great for gals who can’t get enough of dramatic tones. The more, the merrier.

How to Style: Opt for smaller braids so that you can include many eye-catching colors and the final look is even more vibrant.


10. Red Weave

jumbo red dookie braids

Red is such an alluring color. If you are a fan of it, maybe you can do these dookie braids with weave and add a hint of red.

Ideal for: Great for long and short hair, all skin tones, and eye colors. All you need is the determination that this is your shade of choice.

How to Style: The first step is to choose which shade of red you need. You can either color your own hair or get extensions in that hue.


Forget about cornrows and all other types of braids, dookie braids are here to steal the show. Thanks to their unique look and diverse nature, anyone can rock them at any time. Of course, they are perfect for African-Americans who are always open for experiments. The 10 ideas above are here to inspire you and help you out with the decision.