Don’t Do This on an Interview

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2 days…3 days….5 days…! Appeared for an interview… more than one week have passed and still not received any call from the company? It means you are not selected for the job. Now, you will think that “I did well in the interview! Then why I am not selected?”  Don’t get panicked! It might be possible that you have committed some gaffe during the interview. Learn about these mistakes and don’t repeat them in your next interview.

Being Late

Late arrival might ebb your candidature. It also shows that you are not interested in the job. If you can’t reach on time for the interview, how the interviewer can assume you, to be on time for the job? So, be on time.

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  • Reach the venue, 10 minutes before the scheduled interview.
  • If you get jammed in traffic or meet some incident, call them and request to postpone the interview for some time or some other day.
  • Don’t reach too early. It also throws awful impression.


Take your interview sincerely and prepare accordingly. If you go out without any preparation, the interviewer will assume that you are reluctant for the job. So, do the following homework for your interview:

  • Review your resume.
  • Identify your weaknesses and strengths.
  • Research company’s profile.
  • Delve into the industry to which the company belongs.
  • Know in detail about the job profile.

Poor Handshake

Handshake, in a proper manner, helps you to build a good affinity with the interviewer. Keep the following points in mind:

  • Deliver a firm hand shake for two to three seconds.
  • Before entering in the interview room, wash your hands. This will remove sweat and oil from your hands.
  • Extend your hand even if the interviewer doesn’t proffer her/his hand first.
  • Don’t clutch the interviewer’s hand tightly.
  • Make eye contact and smile while shaking hands.

Messy Clothes

Your dress speaks about you! Remember, you are not going to attend a party. Don’t strive to differentiate yourself through your clothing.

  • Be in formal!
  • Avoid wearing too tight clothes.
  • Put on clean and ironed attire.
  • Research about the company’s culture and dress up accordingly.

Don’t Jabber

Interviewer despises the candidates, who speak too much or too less. Try to satisfy the interviewer with your answers.

  • Give “to the point” answers. Elaborate, when required.
  • Don’t interrupt the interviewer.
  • Avoid asking ridiculous questions.
  • Talking too less, gives the impression that “YOU DON’T KNOW TOO MUCH” and may also diminish your prospects of getting a job.

Avoid Jigglin

I can understand your nervousness. It’s obvious! But, don’t demonstrate it to the interviewer.

  • Avoid pattering your fingers, biting your nails, playing with pen and swindling with your hair.
  • Sit straight.
  • Keep hands beneath your elbows.

Verbal Jiffie

“Like”, “you know”, “umm”, etc. are some ticks that most of us often use during the interview. Are these verbal jiffies leaves a good impression? Well, NO…! In fact, this symbolizes our nervousness. Following are some suggestions to avoid them:

  • Take a pause of few seconds, before each reaction.
  • Pre-interview rehearsal and a lot of practice, will help to develop self-confidence. You can also get rid of these verbal jiffies.

Negative Words of Mouth

“My previous employer was rude, incompetent, insincere and nasty. That’s why I left that job.” This answer may result in loss of job.

  • Avoid badmouthing! Never criticize your past employer in front of the interviewer.
  • Always speak positive about your colleagues and organization.

Don’t Ask about Vacations and Benefits

When you go to purchase a car and the salesman ask you to show your credit statement before test driving, would you buy the car from that salesman? Obviously, NO! Similarly, if you ask about vacations, perks and benefits in your first interview, you might be rejected by the interviewer. You can ask about them, once you are hired.

Switch-off Your Cell Phone

Talking on cell phone during interview is highly amateurish. Don’t keep your mobile on ‘silent mode’ or ‘vibration mode’. Keep it ‘switched off’.

Don’t Lie

Don’t tell a lie about your qualifications and experience to the interviewer. Remember, you can’t hide the truth for a long time. By speaking a lie, you can get the job. But, when truth comes in front, you can be dismissed from the job.

Inappropriate Eye-contact

‘Too much’ and ‘not enough’ eye contact may ruin the chances of getting the job.

  • Don’t move your eyes hither and thither, while answering.
  • Avoid staring at the interviewer.
  • Blink your eyes. Make eye contact for few seconds with all the members in the interview room.
  • Don’t look downwards. It’s the sign of discomfiture and disgrace.

Avoid Eating Stinking Food

Just before going to interview, don’t eat onion, garlic or any other food that gives unpleasant odor. Also, shun chewing gum. It reduces your chances of getting hired.


Keep a hold on your tongue! Don’t argue with the interviewer; if you are not agreeing with his/her opinions. Keep you view point politely. Argument with interviewer reveals your aggressive nature and no organization want to recruit belligerent candidates.

Follow the above suggestions and increase your chances of getting appointed!