Do You Have What It Takes to Wear the Bold Bodycon Dress?

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If you have had the opportunity to live through the era of 1990s, then you must know the kind of popularity and status Bodycon received during that period. The term Bodycon is all about body consciousness, which implies at showing off your body rather than hiding it.

Structure of Dress:

Bodycon dresses are essentially tight fitted dresses, which hug a woman’s body completely. These dresses are quite short in length but often reach till knees, though one can get to see the long ones rarely. Bodycons are never clingy, and are always tight fitted from top to bottom.

Suitable for Whom:

Since, Bodycon dresses are tautly hugged to your figure; they flaunt your figure perfectly. But for flaunting, one needs to have that hour-glass body shape. Hence, they are meant for those having bust and hips of equal size, with narrowed waist. Such dresses are generally low cut to show cleavage, thus look better on bustier women. Similarly, if you have a hip size larger than bursts, then you are advised to stay away from this pattern as it will accentuate the cons of your body, rather than highlighting the pros.

Fabric Used:

Bodycon dresses are generally made up of stretchable material like spandex or lycra that makes it easier for them to take the shape of a woman’s body.

Tips for Buying a Bodycon Dress:

If you are a real aficionado of body conscious dress, and can’t resist wearing them, then you have to keep in mind a few tips while stocking up your wardrobe with these dresses. As you already know that these dresses have cut outs to add versatility to a figure, you need to check that where exactly cut outs occur, and which part of your body will be exposed by it. For example, if you have a perfectly curvy waist, then you can opt for dresses having cut outs along the side seams, which will add sassiness to your figure. But, such bold pattern is advisable while going for clubbing, and not for your office.

Here Are Some of the Celebrities Flaunting Their Hour-Glass Figure in Bodycons:

Bipasha Basu


Laura Vandervoort


Taylor Swift


Kareena Kapoor


Priyanka Chopra


Deepika Padukone


So, highlight your pins elegantly and glamorously with boisterous bodycons. Get a pleasing way to go, and pick up bodycons that suit your body type and turn the heads right-round as you move through the streets or red carpet.