Do Pores Really Get Opened Or Closed? Myth Busted!

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Hi girls and ladies! How you all have been doing? Any plans for the weekend? Or just thinking of relaxing and spending leisure time with family? We would suggest you to do whatever but it should be constructive, and above all, should make you feel cheerful.

Today, we have come up with everything you want to know about the most common skin care term- ‘Pores’. We often ask each other about open and close pores, but actually, in reality, there is no skin care term that refers to open or close pores. It is just a myth and misconception that people have build somewhere around there mind, to keep them satisfied.

We have read in many beauty blogs and articles that splashing cold water on your face at the end of night can clog your pores. Let me reveal you the reality and myths behind pores and their treatments.

What Are Pores?


Pores are simply channel or route for sebum (natural oil of our skin), to come out of our skin’s surface.

What Are the Functions of Pores?


Pores house hair follicles, sebaceous gland from which sebum comes out. Pores are basically the gateway for sebum to come out.

Can Pores Open or Close?


There is no way by which pores can open or get closed. It is just a myth. Pores are not surrounded by any muscles that can open them or close them.

If Pores Can’t Open or Close, Then Why Do They Appear Bigger on Some Peoples’ Skin?


Due to lack of care, repeated clogging, and damage by sun, pores get stretched, and hence they appear bigger. Also, with signs of ageing, pores lose their firmness, and hence appear bigger.

If Pores Cannot Open or Get Closed, What Is the Need of Taking Steam?


Steaming actually loosens the gunk and dirt sitting on your skin, and thus, gives you an illusion that pores have opened up.

It Is Said That Toners Close the Pores, How Far is that True?


Again, it is an absolutely false statement. Toners just clean the oil that is build up on the epithelial surface of skin, while keeping the skin hydrated so that the skin doesn’t get dried.

Is there a Way to Shrink Pores Again Back to Their Original State, Once They Have Enlarged?


No. In dermatology and cosmetology, there is no proper and permanent way to cure the problem of enlarged pores till the date.

Then, What Exactly Can Be Done to Minimize the Appearance of Pores and Make Skin Look Fresh and Youthful?


Albeit, there is no proper remedy to cure the problem of enlarged pores, but however, you can take proper care of your skin, and apply few products that boost collagen formation on your skin, and can help minimizing the appearance of enlarged pores.

  •  You should use a cleanser that contains Salicylic acid as Salicylic acid is oil dissolving, and make your skin free from black heads and clogged pores.
  • Introduce products that contain retinol and vitamin C into your daily skin care regime, as both of these are responsible for collagen formation. Use Vitamin-C for day while retinol for night.
  • Always use a sunscreen. And, while buying a sunscreen, keep two things in mind- It should contain at least SPF 30 as it is the minimum SPF requirement for a country like India, and it should have a broad spectrum.

Precautions That You Can Take to Minimize the Appearance of Pores:


  • Do not push your pimple as it can make pores appear bigger, and can also leave a scar.
  • For removing makeup and sunscreen, always use a good cleanser. But remember not to irritate your skin by washing your face frequently.
  • Exfoliate your skin with glycolic acids and salicylic acids regularly. If you are using mechanical defoliant such as scrubs, do not use them more than twice a week.

So, this is all about your queries and much asked questions about pores, I hope it has helped you know the reality and myths about pores, and also that you will introduce the treatments and precautions as well, into your daily skin care regime.