Do Dogs have Umbilical Cords? Let’s Find Out!

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Yes, just like humans, the dog’s fetus also has an umbilical cord. Present in the womb, it is vital for the pup’s development in the gestation period. Usually, it’s mother, who severs the cord herself, but if she doesn’t, it is essential that you step in and cut it off in order to free the pup from the cord.


Need for the Umbilical Cord until the Pup is Born

While the pup is in the womb, it needs the umbilical cord for the supply of oxygen and nutrients to his or her body as well as for the exit of carbon dioxide and other waste products through it. Therefore, this thin tube is essential for the pup’s survival and connects the mother to the fetus.

The Process

When the pup is born, its mother performs a typical ritual. This ritual introduces the pup to life in the world outside and is more of a transition. A membranous sac, which is a part of placenta, surrounds the pup while the umbilical cord is attached to it. Upon his birth, the mother removes the sac from the baby’s body, eats the placenta and bites off the umbilical cord. Make sure the mother does not eat any more than two sacs because this will make her excessively queasy.

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Need for Assistance

When you see that the mother is not severing the cord (which it usually does about one to three minutes post the pup is born), make sure, you do it. Leaving it there will make it an opening for infection in your dog’s body.


The After Process

Once you have cut the cord yourself, leave the remaining end (the one that is still attached) in iodine to clean it. This cord will fall off after a few days.

So, basically, pups do have an umbilical cord just like cows, kittens and humans. Any offspring that does not hatch out from an egg has an umbilical cord.