DIY: Tested Skin Care Remedies


Everyone is born with different type of skin. Skincare is one of the important steps in daily care regime. Not only women, but men are equally conscious about well being of their skin. There can be nothing cheaper than and as effective as home remedies for skin care. So, I thought of sharing a few skincare tips and tricks with you with which, you can achieve a flawless skin easily and effectively. I am sure that these skin care remedies will help you as I have tried to include almost all skin conditions in it.


#1 Remedy for Dry Skin


Dry skin and flakes are the most common skin conditions that a majority of people suffer from. It is really important to keep your skin moisturized in optimum quantity to restore its softness and suppleness.


  • ½ Avocado
  • ¼ cup honey

Mix well both- mashed avocado and honey. Apply the paste on the dry areas and let it dry over those areas for at least 10 minutes. Wash it off and pat dry. You need not to apply anything post applying this mask as this mask will do the needful.

#2 Remedy for Oily Skin


Oily skin is another condition that needs care and attention.  Oily skin can cause problems, like acne and blemishes. You need something that should pull off extra oil from your skin and should not make your skin completely devoid of oil and moisture.


  • Grapefruit or Orange or Lemon
  •  Dry Oatmeal

Mix a paste of grapefruit and dry oatmeal. Apply the paste on the oily areas. You can apply it all over your face as well. Remove the paste from your face as it gets dried out and pat the face dry.

#3 Remedy for Itchy Skin


People, who suffer from itchy skin, generally buy chemical lotions from over-the-counters to counteract the problem, but, while doing so, they increase their problem as harsh chemicals tend to make skin itchier than it was.


  • Oatmeal
  • A pair of cotton socks
  • Water

Take equal quantities of oatmeal and water. Now, put the mix in a sock and use that sock as a bath lily over the itchy areas. It will soothe the itchy area while treating the problem in those areas.

#4 Remedy for Rough Elbows


Rough elbows, rough or cracked heels are another common skin condition that needs to be treated efficiently. Here is the remedy to squelch the problem of rough and cracked heels and elbows.


  • ¼ cup brown sugar
  • 1/8 cup olive oil
  • Chap Stick

Make a paste of brown sugar and olive oil and scrub it well in the targeted areas to remove the dead skin. Now, apply the Chap Stick in the same areas. Chap Stick works by removing the dryness in the desired areas. It not only works on dried lips, but everywhere to remove the dryness and flakiness. For heels, I would recommend you to wear a pair of socks as soon as you apply the Chap Stick for maximum benefits.

#5 Remedy for Stretch Marks


Stretch marks can be seen in both- men and women. Stretch marks are caused when muscles gets relaxed and contracted drastically, and that can happen to anyone, whether male or female. Stretch marks subtracts from your beauty and charm to a great extent, especially if you are a girl as they are visible around your waist area, post pregnancy. Many women search for effective treatment against stretch marks and this is the simplest and easiest home remedy for stretch marks.


  • 1 cup fresh pineapple
  • ½ cup fresh papaya
  • ½ cup pure cane sugar

Puree all the ingredients together and apply the thick juice over the marks and leave it for 15 minutes. Basically, it acts as a skin peeler that peels off old and dead skin cells, making way for the newer ones. This way, it effectively makes you get rid of stretch marks.

#6 Remedy for Acne


Acne is one of the most common problems that can be seen amongst teenagers. But, it can be observed significantly in other ages too.  Remedies for acne are perhaps the most searched ones on the net. So, here is the simplest and the most effective remedy for treating acne at home at a much cheaper cost.


  • 6-8 uncoated aspirin tablets
  • Water
  • 1 tsp honey (preferably organic)

Take aspirin tablets (take around 6 in the beginning) and add a little water to it. Add water just to make a thick paste. Do not make the mixture too runny. Now, add 1 tsp honey and mix them together. Apply the whole paste on your face, leaving for 10 minutes. Rinse off as usual.

Tip-: Use this remedy only twice a week and not more than that. Also, make a fresh paste each time, you use it.

#7 Remedy for Blackheads


Dirt and oil secretion tend to clog pores and develop blackheads and whiteheads on face. They are small zits, but look extremely ugly as they may grow in size if not treated on time. Although, the below remedy works well for blackheads, but you can also try it on whiteheads.


  • 1 tbsp unflavored gelatin
  • 1 tbsp milk
  • A toothbrush

Mix gelatin and milk together and microwave it for 10 seconds. Allow the mix to get cooled and come to the room temperature. Now, apply the mix over the blackhead infected area with the help of a toothbrush. When the paste gets dried completely, peel it off like a peeling off strip. You will notice that all your blackheads are vanished instantly. Wow!!

So, try out these tested and proven home remedies for a beautiful and radiating skin and write to us with your valuable feedbacks.