Diy Small Patio Ideas On A Budget – Guide 2020

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All of us want beautifully decorated patios that are pleasant to the eye. However, not all of us are able to skilfully bring the versatility of the patio out. A patio is the outdoor space of your home that is generally lead to by a path. Most of the time a typical patio is used for dining or recreations however the ideas and styles are very old fashioned.

There is a very distinct difference between being antique and being old fashioned. A patio should look comfortable yet classy at the same time. It should be able to bring out the inner peace in you. You might use it for a delicious BBQ or just sit under the sky and count the stars at night. Whatever the reason is, it should be done in the most beautiful ways. This is exactly why we bring you patio ideas that are bound to prove ideal for your house.

Diy Small Patio Ideas On A Budget


One of the best patio ideas is getting a fire pit. If you live in an area where it is cold throughout the year, or most of the times, then fire pits will be ideal for your patios. You can have comfortable seats around it or even wooden benches. Late at night you can lighten the fire pit and enjoy your coffee in the starry night, or maybe you could just lie down and count all the stars in the sky. If you want an extra wintery feel, you can make some smores out of marshmallows on the fire pits. It will help you light up your house at night and will also help you unwind your thoughts as you sit around it. A fire pit is perfect for a patio.


Pools are very in trend and are exemplary for your patios. They make your house look classic and bring a very cool and calm atmosphere. They’re the best because you can cool off all summer and enjoy the bliss from the cool pool you own yourself. As you sit inside the pool it creates a wave-like motion sound that works amazingly well for your psychological health as well. You can organize all sorts of meetups, be it cocktail parties or BBQs and they are bound to be fun if you own a pool. It acts as a stress reliever and you can stay fit by swimming at least once a day. Another financial benefit would be that it add value to your house.


The most apparent reason to use a patio is to calm you down to take a minute and sort out all your thoughts alone. The second most important reason is for dinners, parties and meetups. For the perfect moments, you require the perfect lighting. There are several ways to do that e.g. fairy lights. Fairy lights add beauty to everything. You can both buy the battery ones or the simple electrical ones and attach them to your walls. Moreover, another method to achieve the perfect lighting is to use the accent method where the light is focused on certain objects to draw attention to it. For instance, if you have a bean bag in your patio or a BBQ grill, you can put all your light over it.

Outdoor kitchens

It today’s world, outdoor cooking has become very common. It is common in the west and emerging as a trend in the east. Outdoor kitchens on patios are perfect for so many reasons. You don’t need a lot of things to make it a cooking worthy area; you just need a stove, some pans, some cocktail glasses, and plates. It is perfect for entertaining as guests lounge in your garden and you serve food as soon as it gets made to them. It increases the value of your house as well. You can go low on utility bills as the outdoors is very pleasant, so you won’t have to use a lot of fans/air conditioners to remove the heat of the weather. It would keep the smell of food outside, as sometimes it gets very nauseous. You also save money on restaurant meals.


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You can utilize your patio in a very helpful way i.e. make it into a bar. You can put all sorts of alcoholic and nonalcoholic drinks as per your taste in there. Arrange some stools and a table, and have the perfect time of your life. You can always invite over some friends who like drinking with you. You can have tins, cocktail glasses or bottles, whatever you prefer. Socialize; talk to your friends without the chaotic a mess an actual bar has. It acts as an entertainment section for you and becomes the focal point of parties at your place. You can host a lot of parties. Maybe play a little bit of music, dance, and drink. In summers you can refresh with the help of cool drinks e.g. pinna Coladas.

Floor seating

Patios can use for wonderful floor seating arrangements. It is very budget-friendly and does not require a lot of space. Although it does not require space, it can fit inside a lot of people. Seating on the floor has proved to be healthy as well. It ensures better digestion and promises better joints and knees. You don’t overeat when you’re sitting on a floor as you have a better judgment of how much food you have consumed. It results in better flexibility and increased lifespan. You can either get a very decorative yet classic carpet to cover the sitting area or you can get different cushions, bean bags, a straw seat cushion, or just pillows.

Bench seating

If you are not a big fan of chairs, sofas or floor seating, then you should definitely go for benches. A wooden bench or a metal bench, whatever you prefer. They look fantastic and can become more comfortable if you add cushions to them. Benches can accommodate many more people than normal chairs etc. the benches itself taker less space hence it will result in a very clean look. The place won’t be crowded and give a very clean look. The interaction becomes easy as the people sit in closer proximity to each other.

Colorful decorations

You can add a splash of color to your patio through all sorts of furniture etc. very bright colors and decorations are perfect for bold and decisive people who enjoy living life as it is. They seem to be very dominant in the room and attract a lot of attention. The colorful area becomes the focal point for everyone. However different patios go good with different bright colors. Moreover, you need to make sure that those colors go with each other as well. Not all bright colors go well together. Another option could be neon colors. They’re very eye catchy and tend to give a very party-like feel. Colorful environment results in a better mood and gives you hope as well.

Light colors

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If you are not a fan of bright, eye-catching colors, you can always opt for very neutral colors. Go for white, gray, or off white. Apart from the typical light colors, you can go for very different colors too e.g. baby blue, baby pink, light green, etc. this will help you achieve a very calm effect and yet give you a very hopeful outlet to your name. you won’t be going overboard with colors, but you won’t be as dull as an old person.

Patios have extra lights as well, and for that, you want to adjust your color schemes accordingly. Moreover, you need to make sure that the colors look wonderful to the eyes at daytime under the sun and at night time under the fairy lights, etc. if you are a fan of eating outside in your patio, then you might not opt for this option as food bits are heard to clean from dull colors.

Antique styled patios

Antique styles themes bring sophistication to the patios. You can use any sort of antique theme that you want and easily available in the market e.g. you can go for the French antiques. They’re perfect and add color to your life in a very traditional way. Most of them are engraved with intricate woodwork that is very beautiful. You can look for umbrellas or garden relic and have a very pretty patio ready in a few days. You can even add cushions over the wooden chairs that enjoy the sun.

A decorative side wall

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Although patios are mostly open, a little privacy would be a really good idea. There is multiple ways you can decorate away in the patio. The most understandable one would be to go for the wall decoration according to your theme. If you have a wooden theme, then go for a wooden wall with intricate patterns, if you have a colorful theme, then go for colorful wallpaper on the wall, if you’re in support of dull colors, then get your wall colored in two separate dull colors. You can maybe leave some holes in the wall to put decoration pieces there.  Another good idea is to paint the wall yourself, with whatever you like. That sounds like the perfect opportunity for an artist to try his skills.

Swinging bed

The mere mention of the bed makes us all sleepy. A swinging bed is a perfect solution to all your worries. Whenever you’re tired, just come and lay down on here and you’ll face the best sleep of your life. You can either buy a swing bed it makes one very easily. To make it, all you need is a platform or a bench that you lace with a lot of comfortable cushions. Add back support and attach the strings to the beams on the ceiling. You can make use of different swinging beds e.g. floating beds, daybeds, tree beds, etc.

Permanent planter

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Add a permanent planter to brighten your patios and give you a very fresh look. You can breathe in the very fresh air and smile brought as you are surrounded by greenery. You will be at peace with yourself. Make a flower bed to add some height to the floor where you will put your flower pots or grass etc. it will make it much easier to cater to them.

Gravel base

Using gravel as the base has been the new trend in town and it is bound to look amazing. It gives off a very trendy and classy look. You can out chairs or plastic tables over it. You can create an outer border of stones to keep the gravel inside the created boundary or else it will spread everywhere.


Get a small fountain in your patio and you are bound to fall in love with it. Fountains give off a very trendy look and they enhance the beauty of the patio. You might go with a stone fountain or just a small one. The soothing or water flowing will bring your mind relaxation and make you go at ease. It will act as a natural humidifier and drown out annoying songs that you don’t want to hear.